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Articles within the archive for April 2013

02/04/2013:Making wasted air hiss-tory - Reference/Features
02/04/2013:Safe in their hands - Reference/Features
02/04/2013:Latest PMI: UK manufacturing’s winter of discontent slips into spring - News
02/04/2013:Manufacturing jobs go as Bosal UK ceases production - News
02/04/2013:Manufacturers demand better roads and bigger airports - News
03/04/2013:Warm words about manufacturing not enough – IMechE survey - News
04/04/2013:Manufacturing insolvencies slow - News
04/04/2013:Supply chain award boosts Hermitage - News
09/04/2013:Cranfield University offers manufacturing professionals a career boost - Technology Spotlights
09/04/2013:Apprentices more employable than graduates says survey - News
09/04/2013:Thatcher did lasting damage to local manufacturing says BCC - News
09/04/2013:Manufacturers face £291,254 bill under HSE's FFI scheme - News
09/04/2013:Secrets of banishing downtime on hand at WM Maintenance Conference - News
10/04/2013:60 second guide: Fit notes - Employment Law
10/04/2013:Check, act, plan, do - Reference/Features
10/04/2013:Lone worker needs are not universal - Technology Spotlights
11/04/2013:ODVA forms machinery special interest group - News
11/04/2013:Manufacturing data underlines triple-dip risk - News
11/04/2013:Aerospace engineer enlists MAS to develop snappy idea - News
15/04/2013:Full steam ahead - Reference/Features
15/04/2013:Sense of purpose - Reference/Features
15/04/2013:Education and innovation - Reference/Features
15/04/2013:60 second guide to engaging employment agencies - Employment Law
15/04/2013:Getting your priorities right - Reference/Features
15/04/2013:Politics and language matter - Opinion
15/04/2013:Mirror, mirror, on the wall... - Opinion
15/04/2013:The Budget: a manufacturing perspective - Opinion
15/04/2013:Foundry fined as worker escapes fall into 1,400°C molten metal - News
15/04/2013:Warehousing and Distribution Centre Design - Events
16/04/2013:NEMEX energy live 2013 - Events
16/04/2013:Car makers team up to steer clear of supply chain risk - News
17/04/2013:Siemens Magnet Technology Factory Tour - Events
17/04/2013:A quantum leap in union relations - Opinion
17/04/2013:Miracle on the Mersey - Reference/Features
17/04/2013:SMEs urged to apply for business bank funding - News
17/04/2013:Manufacturers can take advantage of accelerator - News
18/04/2013:Manufacturing Summit 2013 - Events
19/04/2013:Brompton and Tangle Teezer scoop HSBC Global Connections prize - News
22/04/2013:Marketing Directors’ Programme - Events
22/04/2013:Manufacturing pay deals flat says EEF/JAM data - News
23/04/2013:Orders disappoint but output is up, says CBI - News
23/04/2013:Science Warehouse partners with One MRO - News
23/04/2013:HSE denies money spinning under FFI - News
23/04/2013:Draeger Safety invests in growth - News
23/04/2013:Rolls-Royce wins $1.6bn Trent order from IAG - News
24/04/2013:Pole position - Reference/Features
24/04/2013:In or out? - Reference/Features
24/04/2013:Strengthening health & safety systems in the UK - Technology Spotlights
25/04/2013:Firm admits neglecting safety after three workers injured - News
25/04/2013:No triple dip - but it’s no thanks to manufacturing - News
25/04/2013:Manufacturing leaders threaten to quit over skills - News
29/04/2013:Auto sector tipped to drive job growth by Giant Group - News
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