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BAE Systems welcomes record number of paid interns

More than 140 university students from across the country are being given an insight into working life at BAE Systems as part of the company's 12-week Summer Internship programme.

At Portsmouth Naval Base and Cowes on the Isle of Wight, 11 interns are currently working across a number of disciplines from HR and finance, through to engineering and supply ...
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When I grow up...

Developing strong links with the education sector can pay you real dividends both in terms of helping to bridge the skills gap and enabling your employees to develop. The question is how? Ian Vallely has some answers

People & Productivity Report: A seismic problem

Skill shortages are almost off the scale with 88% of factories rocked by shortages of key personnel according to WM’s People and Productivity report. Max Gosney discusses the relief effort

Getting the monkey off our back

Gallows humour suggests a Hollywood remake of Robinson Crusoe is about to be shot on location in the local factory car park. Nearly nine in ten UK sites say they’ve been left utterly marooned by skills shortages according to our People and ...

Industry 4.0 needs smart devices

Lance Croutear, business unit manager, Factory Automation, at Bosch Rexroth

Shop talk

Terry Carmichael, lean and Six Sigma practitioner

Shop talk

Mark Bown, senior advisor – operations excellence office, corporate manufacturing at Cummins, meets a man in a hot air balloon

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Linde Safety Pilot helps prevent FLT accidents

When it comes to operating fork lift trucks, human error is the most common cause of accidents at work. An electronic driver assistance system from Linde Material Handling(MH), the Linde Safety Pilot, is now on hand to offer support. Via an 8" LCD screen in the operator's workstation, the Linde Safety Pilot helps the operator to control the work equipment safely and helps to avoid dangerous situations, minimising the risk of an accident and improving occupational safety.

Oil2LPG – it's a win, win situation

Despite falling oil prices, switching from oil to liquid petroleum gas (LPG) could save you a fortune, and massively reduce your carbon footprint

Investing in the future of North East manufacturers

Supporting Manufacturing & Engineering North East will enable his company to help manufacturers in the region find the right funding solutions, says Neil Lloyd, head of sales development, business and commercial at Lombard

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