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HMS Prince of Wales bridge delivery starts

The most iconic section of the second Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier has been loaded out of its dock hall in Glasgow ahead of its first sea voyage to Rosyth.

Upper Block 07 is where HMS Prince of Wales will be commanded atop the flight deck and is known as the Forward Island. As the main hub of the ship it contains the bridge and approximately 100 ...
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Wish you were here

Managers often see absenteeism as something to be in endured rather than cured. It’s true that you can’t cure it, but you can manage it. And it desperately needs managing: sickness absence costs UK employers an eye-watering £14 billion a ...

Full Metal Jacket

Drilling maintenance and production teams into one elite fighting force has helped Best Factory winners Alcoa, Kitts Green and Coca-Cola, Sidcup win the battle against breakdowns.

The challenge of coaching the coach

Put your lean know-how to the test in our continuous improvement dilemma column

Some Mothers Do 'Ave' Em

From "he broke it" to "they're not sharing", the classic exchanges between production and maintenance teams bring to mind a couple of four-year-olds squabbling over a Buzz Lightyear toy.

Shop talk

Terry Carmichael, lean and Six Sigma practitioner

Shop talk

Mark Bown, senior advisor – operations excellence office, corporate manufacturing at Cummins, meets a man in a hot air balloon

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Display system gets the message across about work hazards

The Near Miss incident reporting system available from T Cards Direct is a simple way to manage and document health and safety issues at work.

A negative safety culture could have potentially fatal consequences

Research findings from a YouGov survey conducted on behalf of Seton have shown that health and safety is not always prioritised in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and that a high proportion of accidents at work could have been avoided. In order to make health and safety a top priority for businesses, a fundamental shift in attitude towards safety is necessary.

FLIR Systems launches low-cost IR thermometer

FLIR Systems, has launched what it describes as a powerful, affordable, compact imaging IR thermometer that lets you see invisible heat patterns, measure temperatures accurately, and conveniently store images and measurement data for reporting.