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01/12/2010:Survey finds USB consumerism spiralling out of control - News
01/12/2010:New data brings Christmas cheer for UK manufacturing - News
01/12/2010:New European rules on notifying chemical substances - News
01/12/2010:More environmental awards for InterfaceFLOR - News
01/12/2010:Norbert Dentressangle to buy TDG in £196 million deal - News
01/12/2010:Pyroban launches new explosion-proof forklift conversion - News
02/12/2010:Siemens Mobility, Traffic Solutions - Poole, Dorset - Events
02/12/2010:Machine builder reveals the secret of perfect Yorkshires every time - News
02/12/2010:Bissell signs new 3PL contract - News
02/12/2010:Johnson Controls buys itself two early Christmas presents - News
02/12/2010:Britvic outgrows economic challenges - News
02/12/2010:SAP HANA introduces new reality to real time business analytics - News
02/12/2010:Autodesk announces Factory Layout Optimisation for AutoCAD - News
03/12/2010:Saab takes next step with IFS corporate agreement - News
03/12/2010:Oracle’s SPARC Supercluster runs faster than ever - News
03/12/2010:Premier confirms bids for Quorn - News
03/12/2010:Soken Engineering doubles sales following move - News
06/12/2010:Sponsored story: CAD and PLM – The next 30 years - Reference/Features
06/12/2010:Lightning combines direct and parametric - Reference/Features
06/12/2010:CAD shapes up for the future - Reference/Features
06/12/2010:Government ‘must be ambitious for UK manufacturing’ - News
06/12/2010:Oranges are not Treatt’s only fruit - News
06/12/2010:Cold spell killing off car sales - News
06/12/2010:CAD cuts one third off new bar designs for chocolate builder - News
06/12/2010:Speedy Hire ramps up customer service with mobile software - News
07/12/2010:Shipshape application for Jungheinrich forklift - Product Launches
07/12/2010:Forklifts and pedestrians: it’s not child’s play - Product Launches
07/12/2010:Manufacturers rally against the arctic freeze - News
07/12/2010:Energy efficiency in the pipeline - News
07/12/2010:MESA paper recommends manufacturing master data management - News
07/12/2010:Manufacturing continues to drive the UK economy - News
07/12/2010:UK’s largest kitchen supplier goes live with SAP - News
07/12/2010:New machinery safety training courses for 2011 - News
07/12/2010:Good vibrations for new PCB plant - News
08/12/2010:Lotus, the manufacturer, is back - News
08/12/2010:Manufacturing changes dispense cash for Zytronic - News
09/12/2010:UK exports strengthen - News
09/12/2010:Swine flu retreat infects Cussons performance - News
09/12/2010:Smith to cut back paper manufacturing - News
09/12/2010:Free training courses for steam engineering and condensate management - News
09/12/2010:Manufacturing Framework scrapped - News
10/12/2010:Wheelabrator Group - Whitepapers
10/12/2010:Six Steps for: Distributors - Whitepapers
10/12/2010:Sevcon - Whitepapers
10/12/2010:Six Steps for: Discrete Manufacturers - Whitepapers
10/12/2010:Bakehouse: Delicious and determined - Whitepapers
10/12/2010:Six Steps for: Food Manufacturers - Whitepapers
10/12/2010:Firms warned to review IT security as WikiLeaks DDoS attacks intensify - News
10/12/2010:DBIS pledges £50m to continue Manufacturing Advisory Service - News
10/12/2010:ABF cautious on consumer spending - News
10/12/2010:Oracle VM blade cluster slashes time to implement infrastructures - News
13/12/2010:Torotrak selects Epicor ERP to drive manufacturing - News
13/12/2010:Airsprung announces furniture acquisition - News
13/12/2010:Software monitors Industrial Ethernet availability and performance - News
14/12/2010:Food for thought - Employment Law
14/12/2010:Risky business - Reference/Features
14/12/2010:Disparate measures - Reference/Features
14/12/2010:Confidence is king - Reference/Features
14/12/2010:CDC China launches cloud ERP on Microsoft Azure - News
14/12/2010:Major injury rates rise at food manufacturers - News
14/12/2010:K3 helps manufacturers discover their potential - News
14/12/2010:Automation proves to be the best medicine for pharmaceutical manufacturer Teva - News
14/12/2010:From top to bottom – bottle top maker has new industrial floor - News
14/12/2010:Renishaw offers 125 extra jobs for 2011 - News
14/12/2010:New UK distribution centre for storage equipment manufacturer - News
14/12/2010:Interface signage to boost turnover - News
14/12/2010:Manufacturing technologies end 2010 on a high - News
15/12/2010:European forklift truck manufacturer Cesab targets UK market - News
15/12/2010:Flogas recommends managed EDI service - News
15/12/2010:Casco drives efficiency with QAD supply chain portal - News
15/12/2010:Two firms and manager heavily fined after worker dies - News
16/12/2010:Bloodhound project appoints safety gear supplier - News
16/12/2010:Manufacturing pay settlements on the up - News
16/12/2010:Manufacturing headcount to rise? - News
16/12/2010:Exports boost Portmeirion - News
16/12/2010:Senior profits ahead of expectations - News
16/12/2010:Amarinth secures $300,000 pump order for Abu Dhabi - News
16/12/2010:Government and IT specialists may change cloud governance - News
16/12/2010:Astra plant makes the switch to electric tow tractors - News
16/12/2010:Coca-cola Bottling reveals OEE up two per cent on shopfloor analytics - News
17/12/2010:Epicor unveils on-demand Carbon accounting solution - News
17/12/2010:Bevan takes the market by storm with new vehicle eco-body - News
17/12/2010:Alstom Stafford apprentice wins silver medal at Euro welding competition. - News
20/12/2010:SAP to acquire finance software firm Cundus - News
20/12/2010:Cranfield university celebrates 20 years of simulation with Lanner - News
20/12/2010:Snobbery against vocational training must end: EAL - News
20/12/2010:Lean or lazy? - Reference/Features
21/12/2010:Plan, predict, profit - Reference/Features
21/12/2010:Friendly foams froth - News
21/12/2010:Mobile plant helps Wakehurst Place light up UK’s biggest Christmas tree - News
21/12/2010:Data security threats broaden for 2011 - News
21/12/2010:Manufacturers hope cloud computing will handle supply chain complexity - News
22/12/2010:Northern Foods confirms Boparan bid - News
22/12/2010:Robinson to close US paperboard business - News
22/12/2010:BPI suppliers push raw materials prices up - News
22/12/2010:Turbine maker uses SolidWorks CAD to turn tide into electricity - News
22/12/2010:Top five security predictions revealed for 2011 - News
23/12/2010:New group to lobby on health and safety - News
23/12/2010:Entologi restructures RTS - News
23/12/2010:Virtalis VR systems to drive virtual engineering centre - News
24/12/2010:Glossop manufacturer fined over worker’s death - News
29/12/2010:GAMBICA names Dr Graeme Philp as new chief executive - News
29/12/2010:Rental ERP software workshops to travel UK this spring - News
31/12/2010:Survey finds mid-cap businesses confident for the New Year - News
31/12/2010:Johnson Controls to acquire Keiper and the automotive seat business of Recaro - News
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