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01/03/2009:Innovation strategy will secure growth for Bosch UK - News
02/03/2009:European researchers say welcome to the Telco 2.0 era - News
02/03/2009:WIP, materials and machine utilisation all in one - News
02/03/2009:Greenwash to go out of green strategies as manufacturers keep investing - News
02/03/2009:New manufacturing surveys make ‘grim reading’ - News
03/03/2009:Airbus buys site license for Samcef developed FEA software - News
03/03/2009:SAP Business One deliver the right formula for Blackburn Chemicals - News
03/03/2009:World first as Fujitsu Siemens Computers unveils zero-Watt PC - News
03/03/2009:CEO to spell out JLR future - News
04/03/2009:Trading deteriorates for IMI - News
04/03/2009:Unified messaging to become ubiquitous, says Frost & Sullivan - News
04/03/2009:German alliance to build adaptable business process from Internet of Things - News
05/03/2009:Bid to make H&S compliance simpler - News
05/03/2009:Increased orders provide extra visibility for Cobham - News
05/03/2009:Recalling a cab hits taxi firm - News
05/03/2009:Premier butters up Hovis - News
05/03/2009:Zebra gives Oracle integration architecture stripes for IT cost cutting - News
05/03/2009:Formula One manufacturer passes quality audits on production software - News
05/03/2009:Hosting and facilities management floats up to cloud nine - News
05/03/2009:SAP and Intel to collaborate for affordable Business One ERP - News
06/03/2009:Low carbon vision must be translated into reality - News
06/03/2009:IBM Research and SAP demonstrate real-time cloud-based application mobility - News
06/03/2009:Smith & Wesson improves design process with Dassault PLM software - News
06/03/2009:Autodesk 2010 shows power of digital prototyping - News
06/03/2009:Risk taking tamed at May seminar - News
09/03/2009:Barclays launches manufacturing help initiative - News
09/03/2009:Syspro delivers body-building boost to Bevan Group - News
09/03/2009:Database software accesses critical information 50% faster - News
09/03/2009:Oracle to host virtual Applications Unlimited event - News
09/03/2009:Sideways look at ERP in The Factory part II - News
10/03/2009:Manufacturing output slumps - News
10/03/2009:Find your diamonds, manufacturers are told - News
10/03/2009:Breakfast Seminar - Events
10/03/2009:Manufacturers warned as BT sets up Wifi hotspots - News
10/03/2009:Dell goes ballistic with ruggedised laptops - News
10/03/2009:UK manufacturers take strength from others success - News
10/03/2009:Trailer maker Schmitz Cargobull upgrades UK facility - News
11/03/2009:Automotive assistance programme is underway - News
11/03/2009:In grip of downturn, leaders are turning to better technology - News
11/03/2009:Wireless communications in factory automation - News
12/03/2009:Infor MyDay goes on general release for process users - News
12/03/2009:SAP and Sybase get closer to unwired business environment - News
13/03/2009:BMW cuts engine design time in half with Catia platform - News
13/03/2009:Uniq tucks into Tropos ERP success - News
13/03/2009:Bubble tracking - Reference/Features
13/03/2009:Ancient warrior brought back to life - Reference/Features
13/03/2009:UK manufacturers applauded for knowledge transfer work - News
16/03/2009:SAP succeeds at Canada’s Maple Leaf Foods - News
16/03/2009:Obamas’ playground configured with SolidWorks - News
16/03/2009:TK Components serves up improvements on new ERP - News
16/03/2009:TT to implement further efficiency measures - News
16/03/2009:Metalrax reports trading downturn - News
17/03/2009:Dedicated vision for UK manufacturing - Reference/Features
17/03/2009:Cross dresser - Reference/Features
17/03/2009:Soft focus on hard results - Reference/Features
17/03/2009:In or out? - Reference/Features
17/03/2009:Bells, whistles ...and bandages - Reference/Features
17/03/2009:Smart business - Reference/Features
17/03/2009:The eco economy - Reference/Features
17/03/2009:Staying alive! - Reference/Features
17/03/2009:Cross dresser - Employment Law
17/03/2009:Skills agency Improve is ‘on the right track’ - News
17/03/2009:EEF launches anti-recession campaign - News
17/03/2009:Expect 20% cost savings in first year, with BPM - News
18/03/2009:Manufacturing shedding 10,000 jobs a month - News
18/03/2009:Data centre as a service is next generation cloud computing - News
18/03/2009:Is it a bird, a plane or a car? - News
19/03/2009:Procter & Gamble takes innovation to next level with simulation - News
19/03/2009:Astute Electronics reports total visibility with Syspro - News
19/03/2009:Markets less predictable, says Mount - News
19/03/2009:Go faster drinks go faster - News
20/03/2009:Amey gets on track for major asset improvement - News
20/03/2009:UK vehicle production falls to record low - News
20/03/2009:HP offers new business intelligence services - News
20/03/2009:AS/400 users to get infrastructure help - News
23/03/2009:SAP ups he ante with its governance, risk and compliance suite - News
23/03/2009:Xaar to transfer manufacturing from Sweden to UK - News
23/03/2009:CAF gets on track with Infor performance management solution - News
23/03/2009:£100m-worth of contracts for Wincanton - News
24/03/2009:64% of companies are neglecting their wireless LAN security - News
24/03/2009:Team work goes out of the window as recession bites - News
24/03/2009:VW to roll out smart supply chain with IBM and Intermec RFID - News
24/03/2009:Credit crunch fuels British furniture maker’s challenge to Europe - News
24/03/2009:Auto sector in need of greater economic stimulus - News
25/03/2009:Porsche secures €10 billion credit line - News
25/03/2009:Manufacturing pay settlements fall to record low - News
25/03/2009:Oracle takes sales and operations planning to a new holistic level - News
25/03/2009:Norway’s largest brewery taps into RFID to streamline supply chain - News
26/03/2009:Teknos creates perfect finish with IFS Applications - News
26/03/2009:Dimensions Clothing gets measure of product development with Infor PLM - News
26/03/2009:Northern rides budget market - News
26/03/2009:BSI software tool challenges disaster recovery status - News
26/03/2009:VT wins £1.2m Dounreay contract - News
27/03/2009:Manufacturers call for tax system to encourage investment - News
27/03/2009:Nestlé Nespresso smells success with third Manhattan open WMS - News
27/03/2009:Specialists rate virtualisation, consolidation and business intelligence in downturn - News
27/03/2009:Engineering report points to X-factor - News
30/03/2009:UK and France beating Germany on Software as a Service applications - News
30/03/2009:GP Batteries powers up decision making with IBM - News
30/03/2009:Report urges more efficient use of environmental resources - News
31/03/2009:European users ready to get into IT process automation - News
31/03/2009:Microsoft Dynamics AX 209 SP1 to transform modern businesses - News
31/03/2009:Exel swoops into mobile field service solution with Eagle - News
31/03/2009:600 jobs and three plants to go as Visteon shuts UK subsidiary - News
31/03/2009:Government completes simplified business solutions framework - News
31/03/2009:Lotus chassis technology wins top RAC prize - News
31/03/2009:VT reports 12% hike in service orders - News
31/03/2009:China supply chain problems cost Hornby £2m - News
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