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01/02/2008:Bideawhile’s Diary - Bideawhile
01/02/2008:Manufacturers battle with financial fault lines as business climate changes - News
01/02/2008:Nissan shifts Qashqai to top gear with simulation and scheduling software - News
01/02/2008:Manufacturers need to consider future IT predictions - News
01/02/2008:Move to cut the safety “red tape” that is hitting SMEs - News
04/02/2008:Partnership for better worker health - News
04/02/2008:ACE calls for engineering to be added to skills shortages list - News
04/02/2008:Sanderson success at Norprint prompts system roll-out for Magnadata - News
05/02/2008:New era for industrial stores management - News
05/02/2008:IFS preliminary report shows steady improvement - News
05/02/2008:PineApp sets up in UK to drive email security - News
05/02/2008:Banner ad Trojans can be beaten, says Tier-3 - News
06/02/2008:Sanderson helps Anstey Wallpaper Company retain crown - News
06/02/2008:Segula Technologies chooses IFS to streamline global processes - News
06/02/2008:Credit crunch and skills crisis dent business confidence in manufacturing for 2008 - News
07/02/2008:Report highlights trends in manufacturing - News
07/02/2008:Hailo to slash costs improve service on supply chain extension system - News
07/02/2008:IFS and ESRI firm up on utilities asset management - News
07/02/2008:Unified communications set to take off in manufacturing - News
08/02/2008:Wildfire accommodating Mentor and Rhino - News
08/02/2008:Teamwork makes for tasty results - Reference/Features
08/02/2008:Manufacturers using tapes take nine hours to get up and running - News
08/02/2008:Seven out of 10 to turn to IT to cut carbon footprint - News
08/02/2008:Manufacturers lay out blueprint for industrial success - News
11/02/2008:Water reuse is a sustainable water supply for UK industry - News
11/02/2008:IT skills shortages re-emerge; salaries up slightly - News
11/02/2008:Scandinavian utilities join IFS in developing new solution - News
12/02/2008:56% of manufacturers see supply chain as key to performance - News
12/02/2008:Swedish Milko goes for Lawson ERP - News
12/02/2008:Business pushes for department for business continuity management - News
12/02/2008:Teams respond to customers faster thanks to digital forms - Product Launches
12/02/2008:Employers are taking a new approach to stress - News
13/02/2008:Unpaid overtime increases across the UK - News
13/02/2008:Speaker system for MPC and X terminals - Product Launches
13/02/2008:Affordable simulation software helps Sitec accelerate complex assemblies - News
14/02/2008:British workers ‘just call to say I love you’ on company time - News
14/02/2008:GSS advises manufacturers to look at whitelisting security - News
14/02/2008:Worldwide engineering IT market to show strong growth - News
14/02/2008:Organised crime hitting web browsers, studies show - News
14/02/2008:Track and trace software puts axles firm on right track - News
15/02/2008:Outsourcing sees over 25% ROI, but it’s not just about the money - News
15/02/2008:CIOs say staffing and skills are biggest problems - News
15/02/2008:Say goodbye to weak links - Reference/Features
15/02/2008:Style challenge - Reference/Features
15/02/2008:Racing uncertainty - Reference/Features
15/02/2008:Search me! - Employment Law
15/02/2008:Environmental Management taken seriously - News
18/02/2008:Fine tuning makes great savings for piano maker - News
18/02/2008:Manufacturing execution system delivers 90% cut in manual reporting - News
18/02/2008:Telepresence set to take off very fast - News
18/02/2008:Hyundai Heavy Industries expands use of Siemens PLM into China - News
18/02/2008:Deadline approaches for low carbon technologies - News
19/02/2008:Charente ships in ERP to chart course on demand-driven manufacturing - News
19/02/2008:British firm launches self destruct technology for laptop data - News
19/02/2008:Manufacturer stays on track - News
20/02/2008:Take the chore out of safety - News
20/02/2008:On-demand business software for a monthly fee - News
20/02/2008:Marchwood Power goes for preconfigured Lawson EAM software package - News
20/02/2008:Harvard Web site total hack is a cautionary tale - News
20/02/2008:Manufacturers not bothered about green IT - News
21/02/2008:Ten green actions for 2008 - News
21/02/2008:ITS gets six-fold improvement in WAN speeds - News
21/02/2008:Packaging manufacturer gets it taped with ERP system - News
22/02/2008:International malware learns new languages - News
22/02/2008:Manufacturing well placed to weather economic storms - News
25/02/2008:Networking is easy - News
25/02/2008:SAP offers online assessment tool to manufacturing SMEs - News
25/02/2008:Horseware gallops to new ERP system with opportunity analyser - News
25/02/2008:Phishing attack targets victims of HMRC data loss - News
26/02/2008:A year of improving skills in manufacturing - News
26/02/2008:Remapping the world of design - News
26/02/2008:Illegal data access problem solved by behavioural analysis - News
27/02/2008:Putting learning at work at the heart of sustainable workplaces - News
27/02/2008:Spiceworks adds collaboration and social networking to free IT management site - News
27/02/2008:VW and Audi development and engineering to come under Siemens - News
27/02/2008:SAP business intelligence combo woos Oracle users - News
28/02/2008:Microsoft Heroes event reveals tsunami of new products - News
28/02/2008:IT cost cutting should be happening right now - News
28/02/2008:SOA and Web 2.0 come to Epicor ERP backbone - News
28/02/2008:Recognition scheme supports motorsport industry - News
29/02/2008:Smoking law inspectors cracking down on employers, warns law firm - News
29/02/2008:IT departments need to focus on modernisation now - News
29/02/2008:NEC brings fault tolerance to virtualised environments - News
29/02/2008:Hacker toolkits let novices mount web attacks - News
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