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02/01/2008:Butler Group advises: watch Exalead’s Unified Search - News
02/01/2008:Swiss metal processor goes for Infor to cut cycle times - News
02/01/2008:Potential £3 million benefit from KTP with Exeter University - News
03/01/2008:Trade & Investment Minister opens new premises - News
03/01/2008:Oracle in Gartner’s leaders quadrant for corporate performance management - News
03/01/2008:TXT closes gap between supply chain and business intelligence - News
04/01/2008:Technology company explains balance between low carbon and financial economies - News
04/01/2008:Siemens PLM claims milestones in digital lifecycle simulation - News
07/01/2008:Good manufacturing SMEs take their ERP systems very seriously, says Aberdeen - News
07/01/2008:S&T to take JDA demand management software to eastern Europe - News
07/01/2008:UK companies exposing themselves to bribery and corruption risk - News
08/01/2008:Bosses avoid the truth in annual appraisals - News
08/01/2008:Access Supply Chain provides cutting-edge formation for Thermotec - News
08/01/2008:Computer Associates website hacked: routes visitors to Chinese malware site - News
09/01/2008:Manufacturers welcome University recognition of Diplomas - News
09/01/2008:Microsoft to acquire FAST enterprise search IT - News
09/01/2008:Stock forecasting and production scheduling get together - News
09/01/2008:Right Hemisphere pumps up Sikorsky and Joy - News
10/01/2008:Rockwell and Dassault Systèmes to develop virtual design and production environment - News
10/01/2008:Mizuno makes impossible club possible with virtual engineering - News
10/01/2008:Manufacturers urged to encrypt customer data as hacked - News
10/01/2008:Integrated network-driven security will be slow coming - News
10/01/2008:Workplace bullying claims could rise - News
11/01/2008:Rolls to cut 2300 jobs - News
11/01/2008:New Deal helps someone find work every three minutes - News
11/01/2008:‘Surprise’ fall in UK manufacturing output - News
11/01/2008:Emerson and Cisco partner on process sector wireless standard - News
11/01/2008:Remote logins soar as Noro virus suffers work their quarantine at home - News
14/01/2008:£16 million investment at Merthyr Tydfil plant - News
14/01/2008:Gartner warns that IT outsourcing growth will come at a cost - News
14/01/2008:BlueCielo sponsors Maximo Middle East conference - News
14/01/2008:Sustainability now key issue for IT management - News
14/01/2008:Crewe factory drives Bentley to new record - News
15/01/2008:Finjan uncovers insidious new variant of crimeware - News
15/01/2008:Catia used on 75% of new cars at North American International Auto Show - News
15/01/2008:Oil sector manufacturer goes for Berkeley Miles ERP - News
15/01/2008:Managing Sickness Absence Toolkit - News
16/01/2008:Extended scope of MRO aids manufacturer - News
16/01/2008:Laser version of barcode scanner - Product Launches
16/01/2008:Oldcastle signs multi-suite ERP contract with Lawson Software - News
16/01/2008:Microsoft password security warning requires urgent update - News
16/01/2008:Cognos moves closer to pervasive performance management software - News
17/01/2008:Training pilot shows benefits for company and candidates - News
17/01/2008:Malware discovered alive and kicking on MySpace - News
18/01/2008:Team building ban blasted - News
18/01/2008:Survey shows more of us depending on to-do lists - News
18/01/2008:SAP acquisition of Business Objects leads to new road map - News
18/01/2008:Oracle finally to acquire BEA Systems - News
21/01/2008:Sun Microsystems to acquire MySQL open source database - News
21/01/2008:Manufacturers warned over Trojan loophole after Ikea spam problem - News
21/01/2008:Initial Packaging gets business improvements out of the box - News
21/01/2008:Record employment growth - News
21/01/2008:Growing in stature - Reference/Features
21/01/2008:Make a move to cut out damage - Reference/Features
21/01/2008:The virtuous circle - Reference/Features
21/01/2008:Salute to safety - Reference/Features
21/01/2008:tupe-or-not-tupe? - Employment Law
22/01/2008:Cast the net - Reference/Features
22/01/2008:Supply chain doctor comes to Logistics Link and Softworld - News
22/01/2008:IBM and SAP to develop first joint software product - News
22/01/2008:Sage 200v5 steps up to the manufacturing mark - News
22/01/2008:Better protection for developing countries - News
23/01/2008:Citrix virtualisation to support Microsoft Windows Server 2008 - News
23/01/2008:RH Technical saves time, money and ink with rented ERP - News
23/01/2008:High tech digital label printer - Product Launches
23/01/2008:Risk of falling foul of anti-discrimination laws - News
24/01/2008:Annual report highlights apprenticeship concern - News
24/01/2008:Space Kitchens to boost call centre with CRM - News
24/01/2008:McAfee releases first data protection offering with endpoint encryption - News
24/01/2008:Manufacturers need a risk-intelligent approach to IT outsourcing - News
24/01/2008:Advanced planning and scheduling comes of age - News
25/01/2008:Power generators need better cyber security as hackers hijack grids for ransom - News
25/01/2008:Warning over free web email services as CAPTCHA compromised - News
25/01/2008:Siemens solves power over Ethernet challenge for 802.11n wireless - News
25/01/2008:Microsoft to accelerate adoption of virtualisation - News
25/01/2008:Minister launches Special Metals Forum - News
28/01/2008:Brewery invests in laser coder - Product Launches
28/01/2008:Battery recycling plan consultation - News
28/01/2008:CIOs will be driven by significant business change this year - News
28/01/2008:Oracle integrates JDE EnterpriseOne and Transportation Management - News
28/01/2008:SAP strengthens SME business unit - News
28/01/2008:3D CAD’s warm embrace - Reference/Features
29/01/2008:96.4% of email is now spam, reveals messaging expert - News
29/01/2008:Honda Motor Europe drives productivity on Sybase iAnywhere - News
29/01/2008:Ahlstrom streamlines communications on global managed service - News
29/01/2008:Virtual reality cave speeds development - News
30/01/2008:Global data sync programme doubles in size in one year - News
30/01/2008:Sony strips time out of outside broadcast vehicle production - News
30/01/2008:Engineering sector ‘over-confident’ in coping with change - News
30/01/2008:Website solution for workwear - Product Launches
30/01/2008:North West goes global with continued support for exporters - News
31/01/2008:£7 million boost for business - News
31/01/2008:Manufacturers showing misplaced confidence in IT systems - News
31/01/2008:Sun modular data centre solving manufacturers’ expansion problems - News
31/01/2008:Anything your network can see can be infected, warns McAfee - News
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