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01/10/2007:Bideawhile’s Diary - Bideawhile
01/10/2007:Coatings supplier has IT covered - Product Launches
01/10/2007:Record numbers in work - News
01/10/2007:Barloworld Handling to get converged global data and comms network from SAS - News
01/10/2007:Storage vendors are not the only ones failing on green measures - News
01/10/2007:Mora of Sweden sharpens product development with SolidWorks - News
02/10/2007:Save money by renting business software over the web - News
02/10/2007:A whole new world of technical publications and presentations - News
02/10/2007:Consultation on business tax reform - News
02/10/2007:CAD-tastic - Reference/Features
03/10/2007:Controlling change - Reference/Features
03/10/2007:EEF welcomes continued momentum on Better Regulation - News
03/10/2007:Tier-3 says AOL has left door ajar over IM flaw - News
03/10/2007:UK lags Europe in real-time supply chain integration - News
04/10/2007:Botnet swarms are shrinking to avoid detection, confirms Finjan - News
04/10/2007:Power generators get new route to asset management and development - News
04/10/2007:Business urged to get back to basics with security - News
05/10/2007:Act now on new carbon footprint measures advises green power business - News
05/10/2007:SAP says developers must meet the challenge of business network transformation - News
05/10/2007:HP expands thin client computing and virtualisation with Neoware acquisition - News
08/10/2007:The Professional Mediators Association launched - News
08/10/2007:Epicor extends automated barcode capabilities with pre-configured ERP - News
08/10/2007:AutoCAD P&ID 2008 set to storm plant design market - News
09/10/2007:Talking the same language - Reference/Features
09/10/2007:Lean engineering spurs innovative high-tech machine development - News
09/10/2007:IDG offers Spiceworks free IT management software - News
09/10/2007:Workers benefit from wage and leave increases - News
10/10/2007:Learning to make money and create jobs - News
10/10/2007:SAP to acquire Business Objects in friendly takeover - News
10/10/2007:Redefining manufacturing - Events
11/10/2007:Sign and presentation system - Product Launches
11/10/2007:Infor comes out punching on consolidator criticism: shows technology roadmap - News
11/10/2007:QAD launches Enterprise Applications 2007.1 for global manufacturers - News
11/10/2007:Atos Origin announces a new SAP initiative for CPG - News
11/10/2007:Manufacturers upping game on investment - News
12/10/2007:Almost nine out of ten of manufacturers worldwide affected by fraud - News
12/10/2007:Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2008 - News
12/10/2007:Clancy to build better business with IFS Applications - News
12/10/2007:Software vulnerabilities marketplace gains ground - News
15/10/2007:Weigh up the request - Employment Law
15/10/2007:Collaborate to accumulate - Reference/Features
15/10/2007:It pays to listen - Reference/Features
15/10/2007:Turn up the heat on payback - Reference/Features
15/10/2007:Preactor and DynaSys to sell combined demand and production planning and scheduling software - News
15/10/2007:IFS launches IFS Applications 7.5 brings adaptability to global manufacturers - News
15/10/2007:Call to invest in the East - News
16/10/2007:Companies Act becomes law - News
16/10/2007:Promethean learns benefits of integrated real-time manufacturing view - News
16/10/2007:Burberry’s checks out SAP Atlas implementation - News
16/10/2007:Landmark study reveals true cost of non-unified communications - News
17/10/2007:Documation UK - Events
17/10/2007:Balancing act - Reference/Features
17/10/2007:Brand new - News
17/10/2007:Oracle purchase of BEA Systems stalls on price - News
17/10/2007:Staffordshire tableware manufacturer fires up on K3 ERP system - News
18/10/2007:IBM packs more punch with extended Express Advantage programme for manufacturing SMEs - News
18/10/2007:Epicor extends its service management software solution - News
18/10/2007:Limited understanding of engineering - News
19/10/2007:Setting the safety standard - News
19/10/2007:Infor partners with Blue Dot for wireless asset management - News
19/10/2007:Preactor reports multi-national manufacturer scheduling business - News
19/10/2007:SAP to acquire Yasu for cross-system business process logic support - News
22/10/2007:Over £4.5m of productivity value added to companies in North Wales - News
22/10/2007:SAP users improve business innovation with Enterprise SOA - News
22/10/2007:3PLs getting better at IT provision, but still way to go - News
23/10/2007:SYSTEMS 2007 - Events
23/10/2007:CIOs must manage IT risk as business risk, says Gartner - News
23/10/2007:Citrix unveils end-to-end virtualisation strategy - News
23/10/2007:Siemens launches unified communications appliance for SMEs - News
23/10/2007:The jobs are there for those who want them - News
24/10/2007:Manufacturing at best level since 1995 - News
24/10/2007:Cosmetics company chooses SSL WinMan to integrate islands of information - News
24/10/2007:BASF proves power of virtualisation for software rollout - News
25/10/2007:CDC launches packaged manufacturing operations software for SAP - News
25/10/2007:Moravan Aviation cuts costs, improves business with Infor ERP - News
25/10/2007:Marshalls improves business landscape with data management solution - News
25/10/2007:Call for change to dispute procedures - News
26/10/2007:Tougher targets for packaging waste - News
26/10/2007:Agility will be number one issue for data centres by 2012 – and virtualisation is key - News
26/10/2007:Apic Yamada finds dynamic modelling solves large assembly change problems - News
26/10/2007:Weetabix set to reap harvest of global supply chain system - News
29/10/2007:Call to end discrimination against temporary workers - News
29/10/2007:Oracle buys planning technology firm Interlace Systems - News
29/10/2007:Cyber-Ark warns manufacturers to encrypt data after nVidia revelations - News
29/10/2007:SAP E-Sourcing posts transformation for Royal Mail procurement - News
30/10/2007:Appeal to chemical industries - News
30/10/2007:Gartner warns IT leaders to consider alternative delivery models or risk being bypassed - News
30/10/2007:Tyneside Safety Glass gets clear view of operations with new ERP - News
31/10/2007:Code of practice launched for contract manufacturers - News
31/10/2007:Free tool launched to check Microsoft Vista installs - News
31/10/2007:McAfee to secure e-commerce with Hacker Safe buy - News
31/10/2007:HP rebuilds services for modernising SAP environments - News
31/10/2007:PTC set to acquire CoCreate modelling for £250 million - News
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