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Articles within the archive for January 2004

05/01/2004:Adams Ricardo swears by CRM addition - News
06/01/2004:Airbus Aircabin racks up engineering, production and business efficiency for A380 on SAP - News
07/01/2004:Merck Darmstadt to cut site maintenance services costs on new IT - News
08/01/2004:PAB Group steps up a gear with Accelerate funding - News
09/01/2004:VW drives productivity and profitability with TI Syncro launch - News
09/01/2004:Collaborative engineering for $120 a month - News
12/01/2004:2004 set for recovery on the back of IT initiatives - News
13/01/2004:Cosworth Racing speeds its supply chain - News
14/01/2004:Liebherr Aerospace to migrate to IBM PLM - News
14/01/2004:Suppliers being squeezed with short term contracts - News
15/01/2004:Penske gets on fast form with FEA systems - News
15/01/2004:Power stations move critical controls to Linux - News
16/01/2004:Franke goes to IFS - News
16/01/2004:Freemarkets to buy Covisint auto e-auctioning business - News
19/01/2004:Automotive OEM signs biggest ever deal for production engineering IT - News
19/01/2004:Bakkersland returns to QAD for consolidation - News
21/01/2004:Collaborative decision support project to save auto makers $2bn - News
22/01/2004:Supply chain assistants - News
22/01/2004:Online engineering collaboration works for Woco - News
23/01/2004:Performance measures are almost everything - Reference/Features
23/01/2004:Getting the shop floor working off the same page - Reference/Features
23/01/2004:Salad days: scheduling software packs a punch - Reference/Features
23/01/2004:Well: who needs customers? - Reference/Features
23/01/2004:Standardise, simplify but stay pragmatic - Reference/Features
23/01/2004:Rapid prototyping brings rapid advances in engineering - Reference/Features
23/01/2004:Lean ERP seeds automotive supply chain successes - Reference/Features
23/01/2004:Orchestrating more than better scheduling - Reference/Features
23/01/2004:Shared IT services failing through negelect - News
26/01/2004:Octanorm to build ERP with CAD integration - News
27/01/2004:MyDoom virus now on 11% of global emails - News
27/01/2004:Ultra-fast dynamic suspension development via virtual manufacturing - News
28/01/2004:Pfizer live at five sites with asset management - News
29/01/2004:IT downtime costing more than firms realise - News
30/01/2004:Worcester transforms ex-stock inventory holding - News