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IT Hardware & Software

Find suppliers of IT hardware, software and services, including CAD/CAM/CAE, enterprise systems, network Infrastructure, process systems, PDM and supply chain systems.

CAD/CAM/CAE  (289)
Find CAD/CAM/CAE suppliers of 2D draughting software, 3D design software, EDA tools, knowledge based systems, PLM systems, rapid prototyping software and more.
Consultancy/Services  (454)
Consultancy/service suppliers, including CAD/CAM consultancy, internet service providers, IT hosting service, network systems integration and more.
Enterprise Systems  (426)
Enterprise systems suppliers, including account systems, CRM systems, ERP systems, MRO systems, business process modelling software and more.
Factory/Plant Systems  (684)
Find suppliers of factory and plant systems including automated warehousing systems, automation equipment, conditioning monitoring systems and more.
IT & Network Infrastructure  (495)
Suppliers of IT and network infrastructure, such as application development tools, computer peripherals, network security, network systems and more.
Process Systems  (234)
Find suppliers process systems including advanced control software, emergency shutdown systems, process control and more.
Product Data Management (PDM)  (132)
Product data management (PDM) suppliers, CAD management, engineering change control systems, product configuration systems, PLM systems and more.
Supply Chain Systems  (205)
Suppliers of supply chain systems including electronic data interchange software, supply chain execution systems, supply chain optimisation systems and more.

Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing management service suppliers, best practice consultants, business finance, employment law, health and safety and more.

Best Practice Consultants/ Services  (79)
Find best practice service suppliers including 5S, Lean, performance improvement, performance measurement, six sigma, TPM and VSM.
Business Finance  (104)
Suppliers of business finance including accounting services, asset financing, banking and investment services, financial management services and more.
Business Services  (653)
Business service suppliers, such as advisory services, business links, industrial services, insolvency services, trade bodies and associations, trade unions and more
Employee Welfare/ Support  (36)
Find suppliers of employee welfare and support services, such as appraisals, assessments, counselling services, occupational health services and more.
Employment Law/ HR Services  (68)
Suppliers of employment law and HR services, including citizen advice bureau, HR consultancy, mediation services, trading standards consultancy and more.
Environment & Waste Management Services  (263)
Find environmental and waste management service suppliers, including disposal and recycling services, ISO 14000/14001 certification services and more.
Health & Safety  (106)
Suppliers of health and safety services such as machine safety services, noise consultancy, vibration services, sound proofing services, vibration consultancy and more.
Training  (478)
Find health and safety training service suppliers, including apprenticeship programmes, MBAs, NVQs, training aids and more.

Manufacturing Operations & Services

Find manufacturing operations and service suppliers, such as condition monitoring, environment and waste equipment, MRO, PPE and more.

Buildings Services/Equipment  (475)
Suppliers of buildings services and equipment such as building maintenance, loading bays, machine hire, portable enclosures, telecomms equipment and more.
Condition Monitoring  (84)
Condition monitoring equipment and service suppliers including consultancy, equipment, training, fault finding services and more.
Energy/ Utilities  (32)
Suppliers of energy and utilities, namely electricity, water and gas.
Environment & Waste Equipment  (78)
Environment and waste equipment suppliers, such as effluent handling equipment, oil recovery equipment, plastics recycling machines and more.
Maintenance/ Repair & Operations  (691)
MRO services and equipment, including bearings, cleaning materials, coolant pumps, vibration monitoring equipment and more.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  (111)
Find suppliers of personal protective equipment and clothing.
Plant/Factory Assets  (264)
Suppliers of plant and factory assets including boiler equipment, chillers, compressors, heat exchangers, pipework systems and more.
Shopfloor Supplies & Equipment  (730)
Suppliers of shopfloor supplies and equipment such as acoustic guards, conveyor guards, noise reduction equipment and more.

WM Materials Handling/ Logistics

Materials handling and logistics equipment and service suppliers. Forklift trucks, handling services, lifting equipment and more.

Forklift Trucks  (69)
Suppliers of forklift trucks, including attachments, hire services, operator training and more.
Handling/Storage Services  (33)
Suppliers of handling and storage services, including work handling, filling, feeding, lifting, loading and more.
Lifting/Handling Equipment  (424)
Search for lifting and handling equipment suppliers, including suppliers of conveyors, cranes, lifting equipment and more.
Logistics  (110)
Logistics service suppliers. 3PL services, courier services, shipping agents, vehicle financing and more.
Storage  (158)
Find storage service and equipment suppliers, such as automated storage, containers, racking equipment and more.