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Rise of the machines - the future of robotics 25/04/2017

By Neil Gallant, managing director of Neutronic Technologies

The thin blue line 15/03/2017

Thousands of police, fire and ambulance vehicles are kitted out at Vauxhall's Luton plant. Adam Offord walks the beat with Dick Ellam to see the production challenges and asks if UK manufacturers should be on high alert to this market.

All aboard! 24/01/2017

Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems' Strip & Clean Optimisation Team used 5S, visual management and relentless teamwork to transform a bottleneck into a £2m revenue boon. Chris Beck meets the Manufacturing Champions award-winners.

Show and tell 24/01/2017

The UK manufacturing community came together to talk business and best practice at WM's Manufacturing Management Show.

Your guide to 5S 02/12/2016

Adaptable and accessible – 5S is feted as the trump card of continuous improvement. So why do so many manufacturers make a mess of workplace organisation? Former operations director, Colin Boughton investigates

Simply the Best 22/11/2016

Brose’s Coventry plant has just won Britain’s Best Factory Award from Cranfield University. Works Management asks Steve Bartholomew, a director at the site, for the winning formula

A refreshing outlook 31/10/2016

A recent Works Management tour to Coca-Cola European Partner’s Wakefield site found that successful performance monitoring is about taking it all back to basics. Chris Beck reports

Under the bonnet 18/10/2016

Jaguar Land Rover's iconic Solihull factory has trebled its volumes and enjoyed a £2 billion investment. The growth has been galvanised by the highly energised people within the plant, says Nigel Blenkinsop, operations director. Chris Beck reports.

We’ll take the high road 01/09/2016

Scotland has launched an action plan to rejuvenate the nation’s manufacturing sector as a hub for high tech. But is this strategy merely Scotch mist? WM brought industry leaders to Glasgow to get the lowdown

The morning after 05/08/2016

What will Brexit mean for UK manufacturing? Chris Beck investigates the results of an exclusive WM survey

The in-out FM referendum 11/07/2016

Steed Webzell speaks to experts in the FM arena convinced by the benefits of either outsourcing or insourcing strategies. So, are you in or out?

Lines of credit 11/07/2016

Most people care little for money except counting their own. But in business it literally pays to gain a thorough understanding of your financial options. Ian Vallely investigates two credit sources that could help kick-start lending to UK manufacturing, a sector with a habit of self-funding

Improving operational performance through an up-skilling apprenticeship scheme 03/05/2016

By Robin Clarke, partnership director, JTJ Workplace Solutions

Manufacturing Management Show: A show of strength 11/04/2016

A bold new age in best practice beckons this November with the launch of the Manufacturing Management Show. Max Gosney dons cape and explores an event promising a shot of super powers for site management teams .

Taking the wheel: How Bentley reinvented their apprenticeship programme 30/03/2016

Bentley Motors has seized the initiative with local colleges to ensure its revamped apprenticeship programme produces talent with the skillsets it needs most. Hywel Roberts reports on the scheme and the lessons for wider industry

Out of kilter: What now for the Apprenticeship Levy? 30/03/2016

George Osborne announced the introduction of an apprenticeship levy for British employers in his 2015 summer budget. It was one those moments that had manufacturing chiefs exchanging nervous texts and emails to ascertain how everyone would be affected.

The Works Management news quiz of the week 22/02/2016

Were you paying attention to the manufacturing news over the past seven days? Take our quiz to find out, as well as catching up on the biggest stories of the week.

We're manufacturing and proud 19/01/2016

Industry leaders gathered in Manchester last month to celebrate the people whose pride and professionalism helps British sites take on the world. WM reports on our Manufacturing Champions Awards

For Whom the Bell Tolls 19/01/2016

The end of shift bell stands silent at a shipyard on the Clyde that’s determined to do away with the command and control management of the past. Max Gosney meets the progressive team leading BAE Systems Naval Ships to a profitable future
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Getting to the root 18/01/2016

There are many tools that can be utilised to improve performance of plant, one such methodology is Root Cause Analysis. But as Mark Venables discovers it is not as widely used as many believe.

How to lead successful change 18/01/2016

Kickstarting the site CI initiative ranks on many a manager’s New Year resolutions list. Here’s how to make good in 2016 as Max Gosney reports on expert advice from WM’s Manufacturing Management Conference

Tis the season to be jolly... 16/12/2015

Are you about to receive a visit from the ghost of manufacturing yet to come? Or perhaps you’re thinking about pinching some best practice from the ultimate lean manufacturing guru, Father Christmas? Get into the festive mood with a compilation of Christmas comment crackers from WM’s group editor, Max Gosney. We ho, ho, hope you like it....

‘If we sit back on this, Germany will gobble us up’ 23/11/2015

A new industrial revolution, dubbed Industry 4.0, heralding artificially intelligent factories is here. So why is Britain, the original workshop of the world, lagging behind the Germans? WM investigates

Cheque mate 28/10/2015

Banks have been all flattery as they try to woo back manufacturers who walked out over alleged indiscretions during the recession. So is the relationship back on? Max Gosney reports

It's show time 24/09/2015

Works Management has launched the Manufacturing Management Show - an exhibition, conference and best practice networking event, which brings all facets of running a successful factory under the one roof. Max Gosney reports

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