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Tork® exelCLEAN® - the latest performance improvement solution for cleaning 10/05/2017

To stay competitive, today’s manufacturing industry is investing heavily in technology – the internet of things, robotics and automation.

A partnership made at the top of the O2 21/02/2017

Most suppliers of any product or service would like to describe their relationships with their customers as ‘partnerships’ but in reality, to most customers they are still regarded simply as the ‘supplier’.

The health of manufacturing is back - thanks to technology 16/02/2017

Technology is helping manufacturing find its mojo again, says Derek Hill, managing director of ATS

Style and substance 10/11/2016

Jon Marchant, global category manager at Dr Martens, explains why style and comfort have to be considered along with safety in today's protective footwear

The psychology barriers of using safety showers 01/11/2016

Ivan Zytynski of Safety Shower People Ltd looks at the importance of - but also the taboos surrounding - the use of safety showers in manufacturing

Dr. Martens Heavy Industry collection 15/09/2016

The Dr. Martens Heavy Industry collection has been skilfully crafted to safeguard those who work in the most demanding environments, providing uncompromised footwear protection for the wearer.

Managing a workforce – with precision 06/09/2016

A company that was born out of wartime necessity but which spearheads the manufacture of hi-tech precision industrial tools is moving into the next stage of its evolution with the introduction of a new workforce management system.

Mi3 Ltd makes a long-term investment with EFACS E/8 25/07/2016

Replacing an old bespoke ERP system with a modern off-the-shelf solution always demands careful planning. It proved a rewarding challenge for Mi3 Limited which produces disposable medical products.

Atlas Copco announce three new additions to its range 22/07/2016

Improved flow and energy savings form the backbone of the three new additions to Atlas Copco’s range of large screw compressors.

Listen up! Headsets to keep your tours in tune 14/07/2016

When taking guests on a tour of your factory, keeping them safe is always the number one priority. And in noisy working environments, that often means protecting their hearing. Guests fall under individuals that businesses have a legal responsibility to protect under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Listen up! Why 3M leads the way in hearing protection 14/07/2016

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations Act 2005 requires businesses to eliminate or reduce risks to health and safety from noise. With an upturn in noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) litigation claims, organisations should take action. Since 2012, there have been more than 200,000 claims for NIHL. [1] Organisations can incur further costs if they fail to protect their workforce.

T Cards Online system a hit with Meggitt 30/06/2016

Meggitt PLC is a global engineering group specialising in extreme environment components and smart sub-systems for aerospace, defence and energy applications. The company employs around 12,000 people at manufacturing facilities around the world. Operational excellence is a key focus for Meggitt with the aim of continually improving customer care and efficiency across every part of its business.

Metal bin manufacturer Egbert Taylor Group adopts cloud system 23/02/2016

Egbert Taylor Group, producer of four-wheel metal bins, has turned to cloud technology to reduce costs, improve customer service and better monitor production capability.

T Cards Online & Manual Display Systems promote more efficient maintenance 20/01/2016

Simple and effective communication is a vital part of efficient plant and asset management where all parties have a clear understanding of their (and others) responsibilities and an understanding of ‘current status’.

T Cards online workflow system brings power of information to electrical services company 20/01/2016

Managing the progress of jobs simply and efficiently is essential for any company or organisation whether they are manufacturing goods or providing services. doubles sales team in six months 25/11/2015

The appointment of Tom Lee (pictured) as project sales manager marks a period of unprecedented growth for, as the company has doubled its sales team in the last six months.

Damage-resistant attached lid container cuts transit costs 03/11/2015 has introduced an improved attached lid container to its GoALC range which features a tessellating lid designed to minimise the likelihood of damage and maximise vehicle fill, therefore reducing transport costs.

Rackable multi-trip box offers superior strength 19/10/2015 has introduced a new multi-trip pallet box to its plastic pallet range – the Trip Box – which is designed to offer all the benefits of a traditional sleeve pack system “with the added benefits of improved strength and excellent performance in racking”.

‘Embrace IoT, or lose your competitiveness’ warns K3 Syspro 13/10/2015

UK manufacturers have been urged to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to remain competitive.

Omega Signs select ECi’s M1 ERP system 17/09/2015

ECi Software Solutions ( today announced that Omega Signs, a sign manufacturer based in Leeds, UK, has selected ECi’s M1 enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to replace the systems currently in use by the business.

Linde Safety Pilot helps prevent FLT accidents 13/05/2015

When it comes to operating fork lift trucks, human error is the most common cause of accidents at work. An electronic driver assistance system from Linde Material Handling(MH), the Linde Safety Pilot, is now on hand to offer support. Via an 8" LCD screen in the operator's workstation, the Linde Safety Pilot helps the operator to control the work equipment safely and helps to avoid dangerous situations, minimising the risk of an accident and improving occupational safety.

Oil2LPG – it's a win, win situation 27/04/2015

Despite falling oil prices, switching from oil to liquid petroleum gas (LPG) could save you a fortune, and massively reduce your carbon footprint

Investing in the future of North East manufacturers 27/04/2015

Supporting Manufacturing & Engineering North East will enable his company to help manufacturers in the region find the right funding solutions, says Neil Lloyd, head of sales development, business and commercial at Lombard

Taking care of your assets 27/04/2015

While many companies are making use of reliability techniques such as condition based monitoring (CBM), reliability centred maintenance (RCM) and root cause analysis (RCA) to achieve improvement benefits, a joined-up approach to asset care is required in order to influence bottom line profits and ensure maximum impact is achieved

Pharmaserve's Emma is flying high 24/04/2015

One of the stars of our new superhero campaign is Emma Jones, production section head at Pharmaserve (North West), who is currently studying on The Manufacturing Institute's Diploma in Manufacturing.

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