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Low productivity? Take a look in the mirror 20/03/2017

Greig Walker, director, Unleash & Engage

Battling the workplace winter blues 02/12/2016

Neil Pickering, marketing & industry insights manager at Kronos

MAS had lost its way and had to go 24/05/2016

Jeremy Old, consultant and author of Reinventing Management Thinking

CI Dilemma: The king is dead... 24/05/2016

Old loyalties die hard when a much loved manufacturing director departs

CI dilemma: Seconds out....Shopfloor vs back office 16/02/2016

This month all hell breaks loose when a Six Sigma exercise turns sour. How would you react?

A cost-effective plug for the skills gap 26/01/2016

An initiaitive involving lean and continuous improvement infrastructure training is being aggresively driven by the UK government. Adam Hayes, director of training provider JTJ Workplace Solutions, explains more

Man in the mirror 03/12/2015

Do you see yourself as adding to the skills gap, or are you helping narrow it? Ashley Maile, MD of PEME, believes we really need to do more of the latter

Our future is safe in bright young hands 08/01/2015

Tales of young stars blazing a trail at British manufacturing sites lit up WM's Manufacturing Champions Awards and left Atlas Copco chief Dirk Villé glowing about our industry's future

Let’s engineer a solution to the skills dearth 01/12/2014

The moment I decided to embark on a career in engineering is etched in my mind. I was only seven years old. My dad, who was an engineer himself, was urging my reluctant brother to follow in his footsteps, but he took a different path. It planted a seed in my mind. Why couldn't I be an engineer? I was determined to prove myself.

Dealing with disengagement 10/09/2014

In the recent People & Productivity 2014 research, conducted by Works Management and Festo Training & Consulting, there was indeed some good news. Just under half (47%) of those surveyed believe that employee engagement has improved since last year. Fantastic. This, however, is tempered by the fact that only 46% of organisations formally measure employee engagement. So perhaps positivity is catching. It's just a feeling that we have, says Gary Wyles, managing director of Fsto Training & Consulting.

Getting to grips with the skills shortage 18/02/2014

Innovations and efficiencies are fundamentally reshaping the manufacturing workforce.

Service-intensive business model needed 19/01/2014

The Government's Foresight study into the future of UK manufacturing sets out a challenging roadmap for the industry to 2050, but the critical question is who is doing the driving?

In praise of praise... or maybe not 14/12/2013

A recent study by the Institute of Leadership and Management as reported by Claire Churchard of the CIPD, highlighted how important good managers are to a contented workforce.

Time to end bad language in the workplace 29/11/2013

Plain speaking is off the agenda in too many UK boardrooms and senseless gibberish is the order of the day.
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Father Christmas: He’s one of us 28/11/2013

Pop a couple more chestnuts on the fire and pour yourself a well-earned glass of mulled wine. It's going to be a very happy Christmas according to WM's annual business barometer, Manufacturing Outlook.

Time for change 16/09/2013

Motivation and engagement can overcome typical time traps, says DAK's Dennis McCarthy.

The art of the perfect rebuke 10/09/2013

Managers need to learn how to admonish, says Kevin Eyre of S A Partners
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Cut out and keep: skills crisis solved 06/08/2013

Cash in on a new government grant and snap up an apprentice, urges WM editor Max Gosney

Step up to the plate on safety 19/06/2013

Every business, whatever size or sector, has to take responsibility for workplace health and safety, says Jane White of IOSH

Down with presenteeism: long live pareto 18/06/2013

Don't get hung up on the all-consuming 80% -- make time for the big-ticket 20%, says WM editor Max Gosney

Taking the pulse of employee engagement 28/05/2013

Festo's Neil Lewin gives pointers on how to take the pulse of employee engagement in your workforce

Money shouldn’t come between friends 15/05/2013

For safety's sake, says WM editor Max Gosney, we mustn't let HSE's Fee for Intervention cause an irreparable rift between industry and the regulator.

A quantum leap in union relations 17/04/2013

WM editor Max Gosney highlights a fine example of a transformation in union relations

Mirror, mirror, on the wall... 15/04/2013

Driving behavioural change also means taking a look at yourself, says DAK Consulting's Dennis McCarthy

Higher level apprenticeships are critical 18/03/2013

We need an industry standard for apprenticeships with the emphasis on higher level skills, says JAM Recruitment's John Morris

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