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Maintenance failings in UK manufacturing highlighted

Critical maintenance failings that risk the long term health and productivity of British manufacturing have been highlighted in a report published today by Bosch Rexroth UK.

The report, ‘What You Don’t Repair You Destroy, catalogues a series of problems affecting manufacturing maintenance practices that threaten productivity, efficiency and competiveness. ...
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It pays to share asset care

Proactive maintenance is an increasingly popular tool for businesses, helping to militate against machinery downtime and the associated costs. But should it be outsourced to expert maintenance companies or kept in house? Mark Venables ...

‘We don’t spend time and effort looking at air’

Compressors are an afterthought when it comes to site energy saving efforts despite accounting for up to a third of total electricity consumed. WM discovers what’s switching grassroots managers off at an exclusive roundtable, as Max Gosney ...

Overcoming maintenance stagnation

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Taking care of your assets

While many companies are making use of reliability techniques such as condition based monitoring (CBM), reliability centred maintenance (RCM) and root cause analysis (RCA) to achieve improvement benefits, a joined-up approach to asset care is required in order to influence bottom line profits and ensure maximum impact is achieved

FLIR Systems launches low-cost IR thermometer

FLIR Systems, has launched what it describes as a powerful, affordable, compact imaging IR thermometer that lets you see invisible heat patterns, measure temperatures accurately, and conveniently store images and measurement data for reporting.

Atlas Copco’s VSD compressors celebrate two decades

As Atlas Copco Compressors is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its air compressor variable speed drive (VSD) technology, it calculates that UK industry has saved around 240 million kWh of electricity by using Atlas Copco VSD compressors.