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MAS had lost its way and had to go 24/05/2016

Jeremy Old, consultant and author of Reinventing Management Thinking

CI Dilemma: The king is dead... 24/05/2016

Old loyalties die hard when a much loved manufacturing director departs

You can profit from a focus on returns 22/10/2014

Ian Roper, supply chain solutions divisional director, Access Group

The BFA leadership play-hut, hut 22/10/2014

The man in charge at Britain's Best Factory didn't study at Harvard. He has no long list of post-nominals. In fact Rob Love, a time-served apprentice, doesn't hold a single A-level. Yet, by being out there on the factory floor, Love boasts a doctorate in that most decisive business skill of all: engaging your people.

Dodging the bullets in a scattergun approach 22/10/2014

Put your lean know-how to the test in our continuous improvement dilemma column

Industry 4.0 or industry for nothing? 26/11/2013

"Industry 4.0 is an opportunity for the UK to apply its many skills and technologies and become one of the first [European] states to eliminate low-cost labour as a prerequisite of a successful manufacturing economy."

Today, tomorrow – and yesterday 30/10/2013

There may be a certain resonance in the IET's (Institution of Engineering and Technology) Ambrose Fleming Medal for ICT – part of its prestigious Achievement Awards – going to Professor Barry Evans, of the Centre for Communication Systems Research, University of Surrey. Prof Evans won the award, said the judges, not only for his "outstanding contribution" to ICT systems engineering, but also because of his "sharp, over-the-horizon vision, enabling him to push the boundaries...."

IT’s a dangerous world 16/09/2013

Many manufacturers must either be in denial or simply complacent over the security of their IT infrastructures, if the findings of a recent survey by cyber security specialist Lancope are to be believed.

Not so silly season? 05/08/2013

Soaring temperatures, empty roads, talk of thirsty gardens: it must be the silly season. So we shouldn't be surprised to come across a study (excitingly, dubbed KillerApps 2013, and published by networks and hosting specialist Easynet Global Services) insisting that 83% of manufacturers are experiencing problems when accessing and using their IT.

Overcast or bright clouds? 17/06/2013

There are easy ways to experiment with the power of cloud computing, says WM's Brian Tinham

Big data or in-memory computing? 14/05/2013

Brian Tinham, WM's technology editor, asks what is big data and how can it help manufacturers

Politics and language matter 15/04/2013

Are IT providers doing enough to banish hype and jargon, asks WM's Brian Tinham

Cloud lined with solid silver 18/03/2013

There are moves afoot to make cloud computing more resilient and scalable, says WM's Brian Tinham

Cathartic power of process modelling 11/02/2013

WM's Brian Tinham says focus new ERP projects on the business, not on the software

Time to tackle cloud’s demons 14/01/2013

Overcome worries about data security and compliance to make the most of cloud-based services, urges WM's Brian Tinham
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Cost, complexity and value 07/12/2012

WM's Brian Tinham says software licensing could do with an overhaul if it's to deliver better value

Can you see the threats for what they are? 16/10/2012

WM's Brian Tinham on keeping electronic secrets safe with the right security measures

Level the playing field 17/09/2012

Reliable and robust internet access is essential for all UK manufacturers, says WM's Brian Tinham

Tough but true 14/08/2012

Technology pays on shopfloors and in supply chains, says WM's Brian Tinham

We all must tell it like it is 16/07/2012

IT – and ERP in particular – needs a fan club in the boardroom, says WM's Brian Tinham

Loss protection – data and people 18/06/2012

Manufacturers need better disaster recovery strategies, says Brian Tinham, both for data and IT staff

Hozelock’s IT journey to be unraveled 17/05/2012

Hozelock's IT journey to be unraveled at the WMMC Business IT Conference

Right systems, right metrics 17/04/2012

Having the right shopfloor information at the right time can boost bottom-line performance, says WM's technology editor Brian Tinham

Great IT expectations are achievable 14/03/2012

WM's IT expert, Brian Tinham tackles concerns IT Systems can't stand up to user's expectations.

Bring regions into focus 14/03/2012

Chris White MP, APMG group chair and former manufacturing manager on why the sector's growth will rely on a regional focus.

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