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Controlled exposure 24/04/2015

Not so much a roller coaster as a wild ride, developing and integrating control systems is getting easier and more rewarding. Brian Tinham reports

Today and tomorrow 21/08/2013

Given the relentlessness of demand variability and product variety, alongside the opposing requirement to minimise costs and hence also WIP and finished goods stock, APS systems are widening their role.

Planning ahead 18/03/2013

Advanced planning and scheduling systems have been around for years but, as the technology is refined and their reputation spreads, transformational improvements are still being achieved.

So, what next? 07/12/2012

As 2013 beckons, Brian Tinham examines some of the system choices and issues manufacturers probably should be reviewing, if they want their IT to enable business development, rather than hinder it

Planning ahead 07/12/2012

If you haven't invested in professional planning and scheduling software, now's the time. If you've done that, but demand and capacity planning needs help, there is a solution, says Mike Novels

Future-proof planning 07/12/2012

Want a fast, easy way to prove the benefits of planning and scheduling software? Trial versions, delivered via the web, are proving a popular win-win for system evaluation, says Rod Schregardus

Failing to plan? 18/10/2012

Failing to plan is planning to fail, goes the old axiom favoured by management consultants. Brian Tinham examines the role of modern APS in transforming companies and their supply chains

Time and again 14/08/2012

Sophisticated time and attendance systems are not only being used to underpin production planning and scheduling, but also continuous improvement projects and ultimately manufacturers' competitiveness and financial performance. Brian Tinham reports

Visible improvement 21/06/2012

As manufacturers continue to struggle with complexity across their shopfloors, contractors, suppliers and customers, Brian Tinham examines the role of planning systems in guiding lean thinking

Not brain surgery 31/05/2012

There are powerful arguments today for changing the way we think about software – even ERP and PLM systems. Brian Tinham brings us up to date

On the shoulders of giants 18/11/2011

Formulating an IT strategy for any manufacturing company – and that includes SMEs – with a planning horizon of, say, 12 to 36 months, is never going to be trivial. In part, that's due to the sheer scale of imponderables. In today's global economic environment, who among us knows with any certainty what he or she will be doing next month, never mind next year? And, with the continuing pace of today's software, hardware and service developments, there is a sense of shifting sands, rather than solid foundations in the underpinning IT.

Sense and sensitivity 14/09/2011

With the importance of responsive supply chains now well established as key to demand-driven production, enlightened manufacturers are turning to advanced planning and scheduling systems to bring complexity to heel. Brian Tinham reports

IT Shortlist 2011 17/05/2011

Shortlist 2011 is our annual reference directory of IT systems, software, ICT consultancy and service providers. Our objective in this special issue is to make your task of defining, finding and shortlisting IT suppliers as fast, easy and effective as possible.

On schedule for lean 15/02/2011

Lean practitioners used to argue that IT systems, routed in push-based production, had no place in lean manufacturing. But complexity, variable demand and competition changed all that, says Brian Tinham

Lean branches out 18/01/2011

Lean manufacturing projects usually start well but then stall, as project teams falter after the low-hanging fruit. Brian Tinham examines what it takes to drive lean the extra mile

On top of your game? 16/09/2010

Agility and responsiveness are fashionable manufacturing mantras, particularly given today's tough times. Brian Tinham examines APS software's ability to deliver
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Smart decisions 17/02/2010

Advanced planning and scheduling has been bounding up the IT rankings over the last couple of years. Brian Tinham talks to manufacturers about what works best and where

You only know what you know 17/06/2009

Advanced planning and scheduling is probably a misnomer. So understanding what the systems can do for you is key to getting the competitive best from them, reports John Dwyer

Growing in stature 21/01/2008

Like teenagers, advanced planning and scheduling systems may be capable of great things but can be misunderstood. Brian Tinham examines their real potential

Balancing act 17/10/2007

Planners have been using spreadsheets for ever – but there is a better way. Brian Tinham finds out how using professional scheduling tools can be a cathartic experience

Getting ERP best value 29/09/2007

It’s not so much about looking under the covers: getting best value from ERP today is less about functionality and more about proper business analysis, good old-fashioned ITTs and due diligence, says Brian Tinham

Fit for growth 11/04/2007

Hard pressed manufacturing SMEs need to think carefully before rushing into system purchases. Craig Such of Access Supply Chain tells Brian Tinham how to do it

Lean supply chain 11/04/2007

There was a time when e-business was for the big boys. But Howard Joseph of McGuffie Brunton tells Brian Tinham that the doors are now wide open for manufacturing SMEs

Complex supply chain scheduling made simple 04/04/2007

Large scale, complex manufacturing has always been difficult and expensive to schedule, but Preactor has now proved a simple and realistic solution. Brian Tinham reports

Seeing is believing 23/03/2007

When it comes to ERP systems, manufacturing SMEs may well be shocked by how little they can get away with paying so much. Brian Tinham reports

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