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Defusing the time bomb 14/06/2014

Time management is a critical business skill, particularly for hard-pressed managers in a fast-moving sector like manufacturing. But, asks Ian Vallely, where do you start and what technology do you use?

A very British productivity problem 27/09/2013

UK workers are less productive than their counterparts in Italy, Germany, France and the US, according to ONS figures. WM looked to salvage national pride and find out why by asking productivity experts and site managers.
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Action plan 12/12/2011

Vendors of time and attendance and workforce management software tell a good tale when it comes to manufacturing business improvement, but what is the real value? Brian Tinham talks to enlightened manufacturers

IT Shortlist 2011 17/05/2011

Shortlist 2011 is our annual reference directory of IT systems, software, ICT consultancy and service providers. Our objective in this special issue is to make your task of defining, finding and shortlisting IT suppliers as fast, easy and effective as possible.

Time flies 12/08/2008

Time and attendance systems and others have been around for years, but smarter manufacturers are taking them to a new level. Brian Tinham looks at what’s working where

More than T&A 11/04/2007

They’re no longer just about clocking on and off: time and attendance systems can transform production improvement, says Simon Macpherson. Brian Tinham reports

Time and attendance or business insight 27/01/2007

Often regarded as the poor relation in manufacturing systems, time and attendance software can do far more than simply improve labour utilisation – although at typically 15% with little effort, that alone is not to be sneezed at. But Racal Acoustics and KLM UK Engineering are among users that have turned their time and attendance data into production and even business insight. Indeed in the words of the latter: “It’s bringing in an awful lot of business.”

Attending to the bigger issues 20/12/2006

Time and attendance software systems have evolved by leaps and bounds. While some manufacturers continue to use only the basic functionality, others have seen the bigger picture and are getting well ahead of the game.

Flexible working is on the cards 01/03/2006

The working year is changing, but what's driving the change to annualised hours? And do you need more than IT to make it work?

Time to put your house in order? 01/01/2006

Manufacturers whose production is closely matched to customer demand are holding less inventory, showing better order performance, and slashing the order-to-cash cycle time, according to analyst AMR Research. And it is initiatives like lean thinking, advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and supply chain synchronization that are helping them to tune their resources and capacity to suit what the market wants when it wants it – while still keeping costs down

Hydraulic Projects gets real lift 01/01/2006

Bespoke valves manufacturer Hydraulic Projects, based in Dawlish, Devon, expects to kiss goodbye to double entry keying, while ensuring data accuracy and reducing admin hours, when it goes live with an integrated ERP system. The company has gone for an Infor Visual ERP system, aimed at SME manufacturers wanting the Microsoft .Net environment. It also expects that system to substantially reduce its stock inventory

48 hours ROI from staff scheduling 01/01/2006

Cooper-Avon Tyres in Wiltshire says it got return on investment from its scheduling software in just two days – by eliminating conflicts with engineering staff rotas. The firm runs 24/7 with 1,000 staff, and was finding paper-based scheduling impossible because of the need to rotate staff coverage

BMW makes lineside in-sequence a flexible reality 01/01/2006

Truck jams and failures of just in time (JIT) line-side delivery at the BMW 3 Series Munich Plant are now a thing of the past, thanks to an automated tracking and vehicle prioritising system that’s linked directly to the firm’s supplier management and ERP system

Much more than a distribution economy 01/11/2005

Outsourcing is leading a move to increasing warehousing and distribution requirements. Howard Joseph, McGuffie Brunton's sales director, spells out the new requirements

Integrated complex engineer-to-order 16/05/2005

Sheffield-based Edward Pryor produces permanent marking products, systems, software and services for non-paper materials – mostly metals, but in all sorts of applications. Recently, the firm has grown into high tech, specialist computer-controlled, machine-readable marking systems using laser, chemical etching, inkjet printing and 2D Data Matrix technologies for applications in, for example, aerospace.

Configured for production success 16/05/2005

Bury St Edmonds-based sensors and transmitters maker Amot, which turns over £14m, is reaping the reward of a top-to-bottom manufacturing ERP implementation that's dealing with its need for mass customisation, while also managing the shopfloor and providing supply chain e-business support.

ERP: what next? 01/05/2004

If you haven't discovered it yet, you will: simply going live with an ERP system isn't going to bring home the bacon. Brian Tinham looks at what we should be doing next

Cooking up an integrated strategy 05/03/2004

When Victoria Foods' entrepreneurial flair led to growth beyond the means of its existing systems to manage, its strategy was one of new packaged enterprise IT and integration. Brian Tinham reports

Time for a much better view? 24/06/2002

In the second of our 2002 series on time and attendance systems, Annie Gregory looks at how linking T&A into production systems can pay back

Works orders or individual profit and loss accounts? 16/04/2002

Sheet metal fabrication firm Laserform has survived tough economic times by investing in down to earth manufacturing IT. And now its house is in good order, the company says it’s looking forward to more profitable times. Dean Palmer reports

Time to attend to T&A 26/02/2002

Pharmacia and RJ Herbert have discovered, in very different ways, the value of extending T&A beyond simple time and attendance. Annie Gregory reports

No time like the present? 22/10/2001

Time and attendance systems can provide a relatively simple and low cost way of getting into much more than better HR management. Geoff Lock talks to users about getting more sophisticated

Better production from T&A integration? 22/05/2001

For manufacturers seeking a low cost route to making production efficiency improvements, integrating aspects of time and attendance with shopfloor and enterprise systems can be a good start. Geoff Lock explains.

Much more than mere payroll 04/04/2001

Moving electronic time and attendance systems way beyond their original purpose can be a low cost way of getting accurate manufacturing costing and better flexibility. Geoff Lock explains.

Pressed into action – but now reaping the rewards 05/03/2001

Two years ago, Press Patterns was a tool and die maker with flailing profits and a shrinking order book. But over the last year, the company has managed to attract a host of new, high profile customers including Aston Martin and BMW. Dean Palmer roots out the secrets of its success.

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