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Manufacturing jobs at potential risk from automation by 2030s

Around 30% of UK jobs could potentially be at high risk from automation by the early 2030s, including manufacturing roles, a report has warned.

The study, carried out by PwC, claimed the risks are higher in certain sectors such as transportation and storage (56%) and manufacturing (46%), but lower in sectors such as health and social work (17%). “One of the main drivers of a job being at ...
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Changing times

It’s time to think seriously about joining the Fourth Industrial Revolution before UK manufacturers get left behind by more progressive nations, warns Chris Beck

Boxing clever

A ‘Factory in a Box’ concept is being developed that will allow manufacturers to remotely manufacture key components that they can’t source locally. Will this ‘mobile factory’ give UK producers a global advantage? Ian Vallely investigates

MAS had lost its way and had to go

Jeremy Old, consultant and author of Reinventing Management Thinking

CI Dilemma: The king is dead...

Old loyalties die hard when a much loved manufacturing director departs

Stepping up to the Mark

Manufacturers say the job market is saturated with a generation of the illiterate and unemployable. So what's Mark Prisk, the man behind future industry policy, going to do about it? The WM Leaders Forum – our think-tank for the sector – ...
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American idol

The UK has long been a follower of US fashion. Bob Davis of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence tells Max Gosney about the latest manufacturing trends heading our way across the Atlantic

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Mi3 Ltd makes a long-term investment with EFACS E/8

Replacing an old bespoke ERP system with a modern off-the-shelf solution always demands careful planning. It proved a rewarding challenge for Mi3 Limited which produces disposable medical products.

T Cards Online & Manual Display Systems promote more efficient maintenance

Simple and effective communication is a vital part of efficient plant and asset management where all parties have a clear understanding of their (and others) responsibilities and an understanding of ‘current status’.

T Cards online workflow system brings power of information to electrical services company

Managing the progress of jobs simply and efficiently is essential for any company or organisation whether they are manufacturing goods or providing services.