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Poor performing applications hit manufacturers’ revenue

Manufacturers are struggling to deal with increasingly complex IT, according to the latest research from Ipanema Technologies and Loudhouse.

They said half of manufacturers have suffered unplanned critical application performance problems in the last 12 months with 83% reporting a rise in IT complexity driven by more users, increased locations, new applications and adoption of cloud computing. ...
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Age concern

A sharp focus on maintenance can result in significant improvements in factory operations, but too many managers struggle to take seriously the upkeep of their plant and equipment, says Ian Vallely

Good ergonomics is good economics

Ergonomics – ensuring a good fit between people and their working environments – can help cut absenteeism, raise quality, boost productivity and reduce costs. Ian Vallely looks at the potentially profound impact of ergonomic design on a ...

Industry 4.0 or industry for nothing?

"Industry 4.0 is an opportunity for the UK to apply its many skills and technologies and become one of the first [European] states to eliminate low-cost labour as a prerequisite of a successful manufacturing economy."

Today, tomorrow – and yesterday

There may be a certain resonance in the IET's (Institution of Engineering and Technology) Ambrose Fleming Medal for ICT – part of its prestigious Achievement Awards – going to Professor Barry Evans, of the Centre for Communication Systems ...

Stepping up to the Mark

Manufacturers say the job market is saturated with a generation of the illiterate and unemployable. So what's Mark Prisk, the man behind future industry policy, going to do about it? The WM Leaders Forum – our think-tank for the sector – ...
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American idol

The UK has long been a follower of US fashion. Bob Davis of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence tells Max Gosney about the latest manufacturing trends heading our way across the Atlantic

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Precise savings from bearing improvements

Leicester-based high precision machining firm AETC has cut maintenance costs by several thousand pounds, just by correctly specifying and fitting machine bearings.

Dawnfresh nets the benefits of new maintenance software

Dawnfresh Seafoods has installed a new computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) to manage engineering maintenance at its main production site in Uddingston, Lanarkshire.

Handheld terminal wins design award

Casio Computer Co. has announced that the DT-X7 handheld terminal - intended for users in retail, transportation, logistics and other industries - has been recognised with the iF product design award 2008, one of the worlds leading industrial design honours.