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A partnership made at the top of the O2 21/02/2017

Most suppliers of any product or service would like to describe their relationships with their customers as ‘partnerships’ but in reality, to most customers they are still regarded simply as the ‘supplier’.

Style and substance 10/11/2016

Jon Marchant, global category manager at Dr Martens, explains why style and comfort have to be considered along with safety in today's protective footwear

The psychology barriers of using safety showers 01/11/2016

Ivan Zytynski of Safety Shower People Ltd looks at the importance of - but also the taboos surrounding - the use of safety showers in manufacturing

Listen up! Headsets to keep your tours in tune 14/07/2016

When taking guests on a tour of your factory, keeping them safe is always the number one priority. And in noisy working environments, that often means protecting their hearing. Guests fall under individuals that businesses have a legal responsibility to protect under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Listen up! Why 3M leads the way in hearing protection 14/07/2016

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations Act 2005 requires businesses to eliminate or reduce risks to health and safety from noise. With an upturn in noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) litigation claims, organisations should take action. Since 2012, there have been more than 200,000 claims for NIHL. [1] Organisations can incur further costs if they fail to protect their workforce.

Linde Safety Pilot helps prevent FLT accidents 13/05/2015

When it comes to operating fork lift trucks, human error is the most common cause of accidents at work. An electronic driver assistance system from Linde Material Handling(MH), the Linde Safety Pilot, is now on hand to offer support. Via an 8" LCD screen in the operator's workstation, the Linde Safety Pilot helps the operator to control the work equipment safely and helps to avoid dangerous situations, minimising the risk of an accident and improving occupational safety.

Display system gets the message across about work hazards 17/03/2015

The Near Miss incident reporting system available from T Cards Direct is a simple way to manage and document health and safety issues at work.

A negative safety culture could have potentially fatal consequences 27/02/2015

Research findings from a YouGov survey conducted on behalf of Seton have shown that health and safety is not always prioritised in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and that a high proportion of accidents at work could have been avoided. In order to make health and safety a top priority for businesses, a fundamental shift in attitude towards safety is necessary.

Keep a tag on forklift maintenance 17/07/2013

Equipment tagging business Scafftag has launched the LOLER tag inspection system, which is permanently affixed to each forklift truck to enable immediate verification of the truck's maintenance status.

Jungheinrich launches electric pedestrian stacker 24/10/2012

Materials handling business Jungheinrich has launched a range of compact electric-powered, pedestrian-operated stacker trucks.

Compact handling solution with spiral conveyor 23/08/2012

A new spiral conveyor is available for sites with limited floorspace and where goods need to be moved around the facility at different heights.

Sole trader of safety boots 14/08/2012

Safety equipment specialist Arco has secured exclusive distributor rights for Wolverine footwear in the UK.

Headstart for new range 14/08/2012

Workwear supplier Dickies has launched a new range of PPE products which, it says, combine maximum protection with comfort.

Silence is golden 17/07/2012

Toyota Material Handling has developed a new hand pallet truck which is designed it to be as quiet as possible.

Powered pallet truck launch from Cat 08/05/2012

Cat has launched a new powered pedestrian pallet truck range, which is available in the UK from Cat distributor Impact Handling.

Arco launches value range of workwear and PPE 10/04/2012

Safety product supplier Arco is launching Arco Essentials, a new range of competitively priced safety products and workwear.

Toyota drives flexible offer with tow tractor range 14/03/2012

Toyota Material Handling has unveiled a new range of load carriers and tow tractors, with capacities up to 3 tonnes.

Good looking safety headgear 14/02/2012

In a bid to offer products that look good as well as offer protection, Scott Safety has extended its range of First Base 3 bump caps to include two new styles – the First Base 3 Beanie (pictured) and the First Base 3 Winter.

Sharp vision for Honda car plant 14/02/2012

Honda's Swindon plant is providing workers with vouchers from Specsavers Corporate Eyecare.

Comfort factor sorely underestimated, says PPE supplier 14/02/2012

Health and safety managers are missing a trick when it comes to specifying personal protective equipment – comfort is a crucial factor, as well as protection, but most fail to give it sufficient consideration.

Breathe easy with well-fitted kit 14/02/2012

Poorly-fitting respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is a key reason why workers are reluctant to wear it and can heighten risk of respiratory problems according to a campaign by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF).

Sign up for safety signs 07/02/2012

Arco has published a safety signs catalogue, which contains all essential signs for displaying in the workplace and which conform to forthcoming changes in the law.

Swift solution for flawed floors 17/01/2012

A simple, cost-effective method of stabilising uneven floors is now available from CoGri Group.

Tow tractor introduced by Hyster 13/12/2011

Hyster is now offering an electric tow tractor which can pull loads of up to 5 tonnes and is designed for transporting materials to and from production lines.

Double trouble solved with load weight monitor 23/11/2011

Loading system manufacturer Transdek has developed a load weight monitor to improve the safety and efficiency of double-deck trailer distribution.

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