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MMC 2017 round-up 02/08/2017

Innovation and investment were the order of the day at the 2017 Manufacturing Management Conference. Chris Beck reports on the highlights of the two-day event

Bright sparks 03/07/2017

Turning a £2 million loss into a profit may have been a step too far for many, but John Coughlan and the rest of the team at TSP Engineering saw the challenge as an opportunity for change. Chris Beck visited the site to find out more.

The Champions League 03/07/2017

Do you want to join the pantheon of greats that have graced the stage at WM’s Manufacturing Champions Awards? Then now is your chance, as Chris Beck explains

Your guide to 5S 02/12/2016

Adaptable and accessible – 5S is feted as the trump card of continuous improvement. So why do so many manufacturers make a mess of workplace organisation? Former operations director, Colin Boughton investigates

A refreshing outlook 31/10/2016

A recent Works Management tour to Coca-Cola European Partner’s Wakefield site found that successful performance monitoring is about taking it all back to basics. Chris Beck reports

For Whom the Bell Tolls 19/01/2016

The end of shift bell stands silent at a shipyard on the Clyde that’s determined to do away with the command and control management of the past. Max Gosney meets the progressive team leading BAE Systems Naval Ships to a profitable future
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How to lead successful change 18/01/2016

Kickstarting the site CI initiative ranks on many a manager’s New Year resolutions list. Here’s how to make good in 2016 as Max Gosney reports on expert advice from WM’s Manufacturing Management Conference

Can you be more productive? 18/01/2016

Maintenance is not merely a cost centre. Rather, it can help you boost your output. But only if you approach it in the right way, says PEME

Service with a smile 23/11/2015

Two big issues emerged from the WM roundtable on maintenance – a tendency towards the barricade mentality and a dearth of skilled people. Ian Vallely reports

It pays to share asset care 23/09/2015

Proactive maintenance is an increasingly popular tool for businesses, helping to militate against machinery downtime and the associated costs. But should it be outsourced to expert maintenance companies or kept in house? Mark Venables reports

Show respect for management style 07/08/2015

Put your lean know-how to the test in our continuous improvement dilemma column

Service with a smile... 22/06/2015

Our Factory Safety and Maintenance conference earlier this month provided a fascinating insight into the manufacturing sector's attitude towards asset care, highlighting the fact that maintenance staff are too often measured simply on speed of response to breakdowns.

Business critical 24/04/2015

The publication of ISO 55000 enables a new chapter in business thinking around asset maintenance and management. Brian Tinham examines the issues

Full Metal Jacket 19/03/2015

Drilling maintenance and production teams into one elite fighting force has helped Best Factory winners Alcoa, Kitts Green and Coca-Cola, Sidcup win the battle against breakdowns.

Value adding 23/01/2015

Managers turning to the belief that maintenance may be non-core need to consider the implications of that notion before they outsource key engineering functions.

Chicken and egg 27/08/2014

Plant and equipment condition monitoring systems are invaluable in any maintenance engineer's armoury. But you might need to get the basics and backup right first, suggests Brian Tinham

Unsafe maintenance 14/06/2014

Sadly, maintenance engineers and technicians are still being seriously injured and even killed as they carry out their tasks. Brian Tinham asks HSE chair Judith Hackitt, why?

Light the fuse to launch a CI spectacular 02/05/2014

Whether your kaizen or continuous improvement programme takes off in a blaze of triumphant glory or sputters ineffectually into oblivion is not, says Ian Vallely, just a matter of luck.

Spinning a yarn 30/04/2014

Maintenance outsourcing is steeped in myths around cost, convenience and levels of commitment. Max Gosney meets two innovative manufacturers to discover the home truths

Top 10 steam safety and efficiency tips 19/03/2014

With the importance of steam plant to a wide range of plants, factories and other facilities, Brian Tinham talks to Greg Sutcliffe, global segment manager at Bürkert, about getting maintenance right

Plant and assets 23/02/2014

With the Plant & Asset Management show opening its doors early in April, Brian Tinham provides a quick guide to what operations and maintenance managers and engineers can expect at the event.

Hard-hitting advice 22/02/2014

We tend to regress to the playground when it comes to managing workplace conflict. But simply sending your factory's trouble-makers to the naughty step is not the answer. There are, says Ian Vallely, better ways to deal with clashes at work

The secrets of Best Factory Awards success 20/02/2014

The infographic below highlights key facts and figures as well as techniques employed by broadcast camera specialist Sony UK Technology Centre, the BFA Factory of the Year 2013.

Maintain to sustain 19/01/2014

As managers wrestle with ageing workforces, skills shortages and a perception of maintenance as non-core, Brian Tinham looks at how to change all that and get more and better out of technicians, factories and plants

Grand Designs 18/01/2014

You don't need Kevin McCloud to create the factory floor of your dreams. Max Gosney reveals the simple lean-inspired design tips that will help you deliver the ultimate improvement project

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