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01/09/2014:Manufacturing expansion eases but on track for growth - News
01/09/2014:Manufacturing growth continues to slow - News
02/09/2014:Green industrial technology ‘set to boom’ - News
05/09/2014:Small manufacturers hit by massive consultant fees - News
05/09/2014:Fee for Intervention is effective and should stay, says report - News
05/09/2014:Paid internship opportunity offered - News
05/09/2014:BP launches STEM challenge for schools - News
05/09/2014:Semta Skills Awards backed by big brands - News
05/09/2014:Ford offers new Dagenham jobs - News
05/09/2014:Rolls-Royce supports Teach First - News
05/09/2014:Aston Martin appoints ceo - News
08/09/2014:Fears over investment in capital expenditure - News
09/09/2014:Semta’s Sarah Sillars stands down in December - News
09/09/2014:English manufacturers set for growth boost - News
10/09/2014:Manufacturing report calls for ‘demand-led education’ - News
10/09/2014:Dealing with disengagement - Opinion
10/09/2014:3M opens innovation centre - News
10/09/2014:TMI renews Shingo contract - News
10/09/2014:Production output rises in July - News
10/09/2014:Rolls-Royce safeguards 200 jobs with new centre - News
10/09/2014:JCB invests €25m in Germany - News
10/09/2014:MPs pledge to boost school-industry links - News
11/09/2014:Finalists announced for 2014 Best Factory Awards - News
11/09/2014:Your chance to tour award winning factory - News
11/09/2014:ABB shifts 'centre of gravity' to grow revenues - News
11/09/2014:EEF launches National Conference - ‘Manufacturing a Renaissance’ - News
11/09/2014:Many UK businesses unhappy with their ERP - News
11/09/2014:JLR invests in engine combustion research - News
11/09/2014:Exploding vessel leads to court - News
11/09/2014:Students sign up for the UK’s first ‘faculty on the factory floor’ - News
12/09/2014:Simpler explosives and acetylene regulations - News
12/09/2014:National Institute for Materials Research and Innovation plan welcomed - News
12/09/2014:Ford produces three millionth low-carbon engine - News
15/09/2014:‘Scottish independence would trigger painful economic decline’ warns EEF - News
16/09/2014:UK’s first digital factory demonstrator launched - News
16/09/2014:Impromptu concert staged at Rolls-Royce factory - News
16/09/2014:Girl power reigns as record numbers sign up for apprenticeships - News
16/09/2014:Royal Academy of Engineering celebrates its first female president - News
16/09/2014:Atlas Copco’s VSD compressors celebrate two decades - Product Launches
16/09/2014:EEF demands rebalancing of economy - News
17/09/2014:Atlas Copco offers Belgium factory tour prize to Manufacturing Champions winner - News
18/09/2014:UK manufacturing growth holds up, but orders weaken – CBI - News
18/09/2014:Alan Johnson MP opens Arco lab - News
19/09/2014:Saving through energy efficiency - Opinion
19/09/2014:£250 PPE prize for Safe Workplace Manufacturing Champion - News
22/09/2014:ARCO unveils largest ‘big book’ on record - News
22/09/2014:JLR welcomes graduates - News
22/09/2014:Siemens UK chief executive appointed to BIS board - News
22/09/2014:BAE company sentenced over worker’s firing range injury - News
22/09/2014:EEF sets out key priorities for next government - News
23/09/2014:Bring Cinders to the ball - Reference/Features
23/09/2014:Fund worth £4.5m announced to help manufacturers exploit offshore wind - News
23/09/2014:Rolls-Royce welcomes apprentices - News
24/09/2014:Tension builds ahead of BFA finals day - News
24/09/2014:Deadline approaches for WM’s all new Manufacturing Champions Awards - News
24/09/2014:Company prosecuted after worker suffers back injury in forklift fall - News
24/09/2014:Oliver Wight Conference returns to Brussels - News
24/09/2014:Global trade boost for UK manufacturers as UKTI and EEF sign partnership deal - News
25/09/2014:Basingstoke firm fined following worker crush incident - News
26/09/2014:Why size doesn’t matter in becoming a Best Factory Award Winner - Events
26/09/2014:Best Factory Awards 2014 - Events
26/09/2014:Cool for cats - Reference/Features
26/09/2014:The ABC of FLT training - Reference/Features
26/09/2014:Engagement party - Reference/Features
26/09/2014:City Technology crowned Britain’s Best Factory - News
26/09/2014:Best Factory Award winners revealed - News
27/09/2014:Integrate to accumulate - Reference/Features
27/09/2014:PPE perfect - Reference/Features
27/09/2014:Money for nothing - Reference/Features
27/09/2014:Opportunity knocks? - Reference/Features
28/09/2014:Enter WM's all new Manufacturing Champions Awards - News
29/09/2014:‘Manufacturers overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in EU’ - News
29/09/2014:Growth eases from recent highs – CBI - News
29/09/2014:EEF calls for pay boost for apprentices - News
29/09/2014:Rolls Royce fined for loss of radioactive source - News
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