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01/07/2009:Comparisons go pear-shaped - Employment Law
01/07/2009:Manufacturing output at 13 month high - News
01/07/2009:SAP advises importance of new clarity for business risk avoidance - News
01/07/2009:Business data is at risk in face of poor legal protection, warns FutureSoft - News
01/07/2009:BPI to beat profits forecast - News
01/07/2009:Sanlorenzo super yacht production gets ERP visual controls - News
01/07/2009:Manufacturers call for a new NEDDY and a bank - News
01/07/2009:Full blown Dassault CAD and PLM coming to a computer near you - News
02/07/2009:Michael Jackson worm hitting inboxes now, says Sophos - News
02/07/2009:Software asset management is so yesterday, says Liken - News
02/07/2009:Inventor Fusion makes history with unified CAD modelling - News
02/07/2009:Britney Spears hack highlights risks of weak Web 2.0 service passwords - News
02/07/2009:Legal ruling chills freight industry - News
02/07/2009:Unite says calls on government to stop Delphi job cuts - News
02/07/2009:EXCLUSIVE: Pay delay for Jaguar workers - News
03/07/2009:Rolls wins £286m Trent engine order - News
03/07/2009:Fujifilm UK reports success with data centre virtualisation project - News
03/07/2009:Ardent Solutions launches manufacturing ERP and CRM as services - News
03/07/2009:Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst consolidates operations on IFS Applications - News
03/07/2009:Computing grid ready for Large Hadron Collider restart - News
03/07/2009: Mandelson says Vauxhall survival remains a priority - News
06/07/2009:History-making Mini adds another 1.5m - News
06/07/2009:MG Rover demise to be considered by SFO - News
06/07/2009:Weetabix optimises fulfilment with Manhattan Associates - News
06/07/2009:David is game-on in K3’s latest episode of the Factory - News
07/07/2009:Sergeant leads the parade at warehousing and logistics awards - News
07/07/2009:Mixed greetings for latest manufacturing output data - News
07/07/2009:Green IT gains an upside in the economic downturn - News
07/07/2009:Sagem buys broadband and WiMAX business of Gigaset - News
07/07/2009:Asset and facilities management have greatest potential for green gains - News
08/07/2009:Hansatech first to go live on Epicor 9 ERP Web 2.0 technology - News
08/07/2009:Acal Supply Chain and Service Business pave way to new 4PL - News
09/07/2009:Summer drives up cider sales - News
09/07/2009:3PL migration warning - News
09/07/2009:Delcam software doubles productivity at turbine manufacturer - News
09/07/2009:Autodesk offers zero per cent finance on CAD/CAM software - News
10/07/2009:Sorcery with Ousourcery puts outsourcing on new footing - News
10/07/2009:Cloud computing users need brokerages to unlock service potential - News
10/07/2009:Bodycote warns on profits and more cost cutting - News
10/07/2009:Wiseman steps up production - News
13/07/2009:Imperial Auto Parts reaps big benefits with Infor ERP LN - News
13/07/2009:Solar Century drives sustainable development with Dassault Systemes - News
14/07/2009:Hillhouse Quarry digs new document imaging system - News
14/07/2009:Fruit manufacturer chooses MOM to lower production costs - News
14/07/2009:Renold chases low cost manufacturing - News
15/07/2009:Manufacturing job count falls to record low - News
15/07/2009:Rolls to lead UK nuclear research - News
15/07/2009:Wind, waves, nuclear, electric cars and MAS share £405m low carbon budget - News
15/07/2009:Out with the old as Bentley makes room for the new - News
15/07/2009:Oracle sustainability study shows problems with data reporting - News
15/07/2009:Jaguar Land Rover to cut further 300 jobs - News
15/07/2009:Infor is number one private technology firm in the world - News
15/07/2009:SAP poll reveals parlous state of business information visibility - News
15/07/2009:Pointer’s T-Mobile upgrade brings benefits to staff on the move - News
16/07/2009:Don’t lean on lean IT in recession, says Ovum - News
16/07/2009:Twitter hack caused by poor security systems - News
16/07/2009:Ill health forces Lotus' veteran boss to stand down - News
16/07/2009:Raising the limits - Reference/Features
17/07/2009:Manufacturing pay freeze record - News
17/07/2009:Green supply chains will burst onto manufacturers within next year - News
17/07/2009:Lymington boatbuilder Berthon picks up apprenticeship award - News
17/07/2009:London taxi manufacturer Manganese Bronze to scrap dealer network - News
17/07/2009:L’Oréal senses success with Zetes voice and barcode solution - News
19/07/2009:New learning opportunity to be offered at 2009 Best Factory Awards - News
20/07/2009:Battery plant opens way for North East to be first specialist region for low carbon cars - News
20/07/2009:Rockwell White Paper aligns MES with sustainability - News
20/07/2009:Berkeley Myles on the scrappage scheme bandagon - News
21/07/2009:Expect more mobile slip-ups, warns Fortify - News
21/07/2009:Mobile technology to shave billions off Europe’s energy bills - News
21/07/2009:Opportunities for auto logistics firms: report - News
21/07/2009:UK manufacturers change the rules of competition - News
22/07/2009:What's the point of origin? - Reference/Features
22/07/2009:The burning issues - Reference/Features
22/07/2009:Knocking heads together - Reference/Features
22/07/2009:Turbocharge the tortoise - Reference/Features
22/07/2009:Document systems cure Boehringer Ingelheim’s purchase-to-pay ills - News
22/07/2009:Microsoft extends hands to Sage Software customers - News
22/07/2009:Manufacturers failing to reap full benefits from CRM software - News
23/07/2009:Comparisons go pear shaped - News
23/07/2009:Manufacturers face new energy price hike - News
23/07/2009:Cable Services to implement Solarsoft ERP system - News
23/07/2009:Twitter hack shows need to improve cloud-based security - News
24/07/2009:Autodesk helps bring automotive design data from CAD to ad - News
24/07/2009:Innovation and skills drive UK’s love affair with IT outsourcing - News
24/07/2009:Manufacturers bullish about the future: Report - News
24/07/2009:Banks urged to give more support to loan guarantee scheme - News
27/07/2009:Car output steadies but commercials continue in freefall - News
27/07/2009:Midlands firm’s repair helps unravel mysteries of the universe - News
27/07/2009:Zero day exploit prevented on Adobe Acrobat Reader - News
27/07/2009:SAP Announces Intent to Acquire SAF AG - News
27/07/2009:Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are in manufacturing - News
27/07/2009:Troy backs winning horse with Ross Aspera - News
28/07/2009:Norton Motorcycles revs up with PTC engineering solutions - News
28/07/2009:Mid size manufacturers offered IBM protection package - News
28/07/2009:Business leaders focus on cost containment with IT staff - News
28/07/2009:Cussons more than washes its face - News
28/07/2009:Government announces £150m ‘advanced manufacturing’ package - News
29/07/2009:ETB calls on government for procurement and tax rethink - News
29/07/2009:Cloud computing massively increases risk of data loss - News
29/07/2009:Software spending set to grow next year, but not in West - News
30/07/2009:Outsourcing IT offers better deal than many managers realise - News
30/07/2009:SAP ByDesign gets upgrades for manufacturing SMEs - News
30/07/2009:Tyres independent praises MPLS network integrator - News
30/07/2009:Rolls-Royce flies high with record order book - News
31/07/2009:Open source solution set to transform B2B supply chain operations - News
31/07/2009:Taylor Guitars tunes up for Syspro ERP go-live - News
31/07/2009:Autodesk offers free software and resources for redundant design engineers - News
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