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01/06/2008:Bideawhile’s Diary - Bideawhile
02/06/2008:Defra urges REACH registration - News
02/06/2008:VT/Lockheed consortium wins MoD training programme worth up to £6bn - News
02/06/2008:UK manufacturing is ‘stagflating’ - News
02/06/2008:e2v: ‘Sound performance’ - News
02/06/2008:Jotun Group paints better future with global IFS roll-out - News
02/06/2008:One more week to MITcon 2008 manufacturing business IT conference and awards - News
02/06/2008:Cardiff gets 20Tflop green super computer - News
02/06/2008:Manufacturing shines in economic darkness - News
02/06/2008:Acrobat 9 builds massively on 3D for engineering design and development - News
03/06/2008:Seven days to MITcon 2008 manufacturing business IT conference and awards - News
03/06/2008:HP puts weight behind operational business intelligence push - News
03/06/2008:New Nissan to be built at Sunderland plant - News
03/06/2008:Record profits for JCB - News
04/06/2008:Microsoft swallows own medicine for major ERP release - News
04/06/2008:Tompkins powers up web-based CAD model delivery - News
04/06/2008:Changes at Smiths Group include job losses - News
04/06/2008:Performance improvement at 600 Group - News
04/06/2008:Hampson reports buoyant market - News
04/06/2008:Sport Copter’s new gyroplane takes flight with SolidWorks - News
04/06/2008:SGI corrects Bull claims for Cardiff supercomputer - News
04/06/2008:Re-financing package for Wagon - News
05/06/2008:New Lotus celebrates Jim Clark anniversary - News
05/06/2008:Manufacturers support rates hold - News
05/06/2008:Lean helps claw back work from China - News
05/06/2008:Warehouse management add-on comes to Infor supply chain solutions - News
05/06/2008:Unified communications soon to become business differentiator - News
05/06/2008:On-demand business performance management comes to manufacturing SMEs - News
06/06/2008:CDC brings better analytics to warehouse management - News
06/06/2008:Preactor wins US manufacturing IT award for fourth year running - News
06/06/2008:Hornby puts Airfix back on its feet - News
06/06/2008:Life (and death) on MAARS - News
09/06/2008:SE manufacturers beating gloom - News
09/06/2008:Monitran establishes research arm - News
09/06/2008:Eriks moves into tools market - News
09/06/2008:Displays manufacturer discovers displaying data drives growth - News
09/06/2008:2D and 3D visualisation to transform SAP PLM environment - News
10/06/2008:Oxford on track to double up - News
10/06/2008:Manufacturing output remains resilient - News
10/06/2008:Web security vulnerability endangers mass of applications - News
11/06/2008:Euro-Fitting Management wheels in supply chain system - News
11/06/2008:ISO/IEC launches IT governance standard for directors - News
11/06/2008:Qinetiq refutes PAC accusations - News
11/06/2008:Smiths wins contracts worth $25.2m - News
11/06/2008:Manufacturing jobs count drops another decimal - News
11/06/2008:New Ro-Ro vessel to deliver A380 wings - News
11/06/2008:Hellyar Plastics to smooth business on Sage and CPiO - News
11/06/2008:Procter & Gamble selects BT for global IT - News
12/06/2008:BAE and VT seal carrier deal - News
12/06/2008:95 jobs to go at Desoutter - News
12/06/2008:Website offers online quotes for rapid prototyping - News
12/06/2008:Print driver makes mobile printing a reality - News
12/06/2008:Application dependencies challenge vast majority of virtualisation projects - News
13/06/2008:Manufacturing ERP as a service springs from NetSuite - News
13/06/2008:Kellogg’s increases server spec and visitors with Vialtus - News
13/06/2008:Cross-site scripting flaws can’t be swept under the carpet - News
13/06/2008:Proactive health and safety means bigger profits - News
13/06/2008:Online service to cut costs of REACH - News
13/06/2008:GlaxoSmithKline to cut jobs amid restructuring - News
13/06/2008:CAD draughter-client matching is launched as free service - News
16/06/2008:Guidance on governance comes to IS managers - News
16/06/2008:ESAB slashes mobile costs with Propalms TSE - News
16/06/2008:Websense and Voltage integration gets thumbs up from Aberdeen - News
17/06/2008:DEK accelerates manufacturing on collaborative systems - News
17/06/2008:CompactGTL to halve accounting times on Dynamics AX ERP - News
17/06/2008:Crownlea fixed with instant access EDM repository - News
17/06/2008:Invest in early SOA governance to avoid project failure - News
17/06/2008:Raymarine warns in update - News
17/06/2008:Lotus wins green car projects - News
18/06/2008:Virtualisation product sets Windows IT managers free - News
18/06/2008:Wagon Automotive revs up business with QAD MMOG/LE - News
18/06/2008:Baby celebrates 60th anniversary - News
18/06/2008:SAP to acquire Visiprise MES for integrated perfect plant - News
18/06/2008:600 new jobs at Jaguar Land Rover - News
18/06/2008:Manufacturing pay settlements fall - News
18/06/2008:Law gets tough on H&S offences - News
18/06/2008:Trifast looks to Asia - News
18/06/2008:Price of manufactured goods set to continue rising - News
18/06/2008:Concentric and Microsoft launch hosted email-plus service for SMEs - News
18/06/2008:Mobile applications to spread on partner network - News
18/06/2008:New world order - Reference/Features
18/06/2008:The changing face of unionism - Reference/Features
18/06/2008:Make the connection - Reference/Features
18/06/2008:A lean marriage - Reference/Features
18/06/2008:Cover up - Employment Law
19/06/2008:Velocity Day – New Solid Edge Launch - Events
19/06/2008:Flash the cache - Reference/Features
19/06/2008:Building a better route to green energy - Reference/Features
19/06/2008:Digital improvement - Reference/Features
19/06/2008:Royal Sanders goes live with QAD in five months - News
19/06/2008:Hosted open source monitoring service ups the ante - News
20/06/2008:Western manufacturers under threat: New Cambridge paper - News
20/06/2008:Manufacturing marketing people remain upbeat - News
20/06/2008:Cadbury confirms strong start to 2008 - News
20/06/2008:Rolls-Royce opens up in St. Petersburg - News
20/06/2008:Central Europe shows huge engineering software uptake - News
20/06/2008:Survey reveals scandal of snooping IT staff - News
20/06/2008:Infor Visual customers have last word in new release - News
20/06/2008:Master data errors costing manufacturers millions - News
21/06/2008:UK car production slows - News
23/06/2008:CBI praises engineering diplomas, but… - News
23/06/2008:£24m Harrier contract for Qinetiq - News
23/06/2008:‘Substantial improvement’ for Weir - News
23/06/2008:Dawson performance ‘deeply disappointing’ - News
23/06/2008:Snacking on Microsoft mobile is way to go for Lance - News
23/06/2008:Schneider Electric streamlines service with CDC - News
24/06/2008:How green is your energy, how black is your carbon? - Events
24/06/2008:Renishaw opens Indian office - News
24/06/2008:Porvair’s China plans progressing - News
24/06/2008:Encryption is not encryption is not encryption, warns Applied Security - News
24/06/2008:Corporate responsibility programmes needs IT service edge - News
24/06/2008:Atos Origin revives global help desk service with SAP unified comms - News
24/06/2008:MTU Aero Engines upgrades HPC for growth to 2012 - News
25/06/2008:Manganese completes first prototype of Chinese built TX4 taxi - News
25/06/2008:Online shake up may revolutionise face of the web - News
25/06/2008:Award winning bus builder streamlines development on PTC - News
25/06/2008:China performs for Renold while India beckons - News
25/06/2008:Pressurised IT directors want to escape manufacturing - News
25/06/2008:More malicious attacks on the threat horizon warns ISF - News
26/06/2008:DS Smith warns on 2008 trading - News
26/06/2008:Government goes for wind and green collar jobs - News
26/06/2008:Armoured car manufacturer goes for bullet proof CRM - News
26/06/2008:Wanders fires up production with latest release of jetcam - News
26/06/2008:Manufacturing pressure fuels IT outsourcing growth - News
27/06/2008:Leifheit cleans up documentation with Siemens PLM - News
27/06/2008:Filtrair filters out supply chain bottlenecks with QAD - News
27/06/2008:BAE appoints new chief - News
30/06/2008:SAP Labs provide groundbreaking answers for manufacturers - News
30/06/2008:Delcam software halves delivery times for Craft Pattern - News
30/06/2008:BVT venture operational from July 1 - News
30/06/2008:Fatal injuries maintain five year average - News
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