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01/12/2008:Bideawhile’s Diary - Bideawhile
01/12/2008:Manufacturing heading for toughest conditions for two decades - News
01/12/2008:Sage spreads into manufacturing execution and APS - News
01/12/2008:Web fear may be limiting engineering companies - News
01/12/2008:Industry welcomes first climate change budget - News
01/12/2008:Manufacturing may need more government and MPC support - News
02/12/2008:IBM warns of a blizzard of malware and phishing this Christmas - News
02/12/2008:Cummins drives internet traffic with Interwoven - News
02/12/2008:Britvic takes load off the road - News
02/12/2008:Real Good Food forecasts lower profits - News
03/12/2008:A more human approach to computing - News
03/12/2008:WiMax-ready business continuity comes to Birmingham - News
03/12/2008:'Creditable' performance by packaging giant D S Smith - News
03/12/2008:Manufacturers ‘dismayed’ by Queen’s speech - News
04/12/2008:Manufacturers welcome full point cut in interest rates - News
04/12/2008:Bed manufacturer Relyon pilots lean training scheme - News
04/12/2008:Husqvarna mows down employee scheduling effort with Kronos - News
04/12/2008:Profits warning from potter Portmeirion - News
04/12/2008:Green IT shows patchy new shoots, says survey - News
04/12/2008:Kinnerton enjoys black magic of QAD ERP 2008 upgrade - News
05/12/2008:Big Bang Fair to celebrate and inspire UK science and engineering talent - News
05/12/2008:ABB Russia goes for IBM SAP system hosting - News
05/12/2008:Manufacturers on the lean and IT path are winning in recession, says EEF - News
08/12/2008:Mainframe users offered ‘no gain, no fee’ cost cutting deal - News
08/12/2008:Train to gain funds ERP education at manufacturing SMEs - News
08/12/2008:Factory gate inflation falls again - News
08/12/2008:I2 and JDA call off their supply chain planning love affair - News
09/12/2008:Positive outlook for Cussons - News
09/12/2008:Production falls prompt call for ‘unconventional’ measures - News
09/12/2008:Business intelligence software users urged to enter Gartner 2009 awards - News
09/12/2008:Logistics cloud computing to bring relief to users in bad times - News
09/12/2008:Syspro information precision set to transform Metaltech - News
10/12/2008:Lightning goes electric - Reference/Features
10/12/2008:Fortify Software warns firms to beware VOIP code risks - News
11/12/2008:Wedgwood set to craft new supply chain excellence - News
11/12/2008:New study looks at manufacturing in 2020 - News
12/12/2008:AG Barr puts more steel in Irn-Bru with major data centre upgrade - News
12/12/2008:MoD announces carriers will be delayed - News
12/12/2008:Output expectations still weak: CBI - News
12/12/2008:Government urges auto suppliers to check out support schemes - News
12/12/2008:Cyber criminals attacking PDFs and Flash files - News
12/12/2008:Big businesses spending more on wireless than wired infrastructure - News
15/12/2008:Lemon prices fail to sour Treatt - News
15/12/2008:Regal Beloit drives business performance with Oracle business intelligence - News
15/12/2008:Multi media automation removes constraints around digital rights management - News
15/12/2008:Security specialist upgrades centralised server management - News
16/12/2008:Bullish outlook at Senior - News
16/12/2008:Cadbury proceeds with sale of last drinks business - News
16/12/2008:Laird cuts 40% of jobs in response to slow down - News
16/12/2008:Seat Sport wins FIA World touring Car Championship with PTC software tools - News
16/12/2008:Performance management solutions help firms in bad times - News
16/12/2008:LG Electronics adopts global single instance of Oracle E-Business 12 - News
16/12/2008:Manufacturers benefit from adding services - News
17/12/2008:Manufacturing pay settlements at 30 month low - News
17/12/2008:Raising expectations - Reference/Features
17/12/2008:Add on value - Reference/Features
17/12/2008:The only way is up - Reference/Features
17/12/2008:Shaping up to the recession - Reference/Features
17/12/2008:Manufacturing employment numbers plummet - News
17/12/2008:Snap judgment - Employment Law
17/12/2008:Yamaha Motors gets new global MRO visibility with GXS - News
17/12/2008:Industrial wireless LAN learns to jump with iHOP - News
17/12/2008:Jaeger LeCoultre puts PLM power into Swiss watches - News
18/12/2008:Fall in car production prompts call for urgent action - News
18/12/2008:Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One to partner with Lenovo - News
18/12/2008:HP technologies slash cost of virtualised environments - News
18/12/2008:SAP and Fujitsu Siemens Computers to collaborate on manufacturing mid-market - News
18/12/2008:Manufacturers delay IT infrastructure upgrades in downturn - News
19/12/2008:Cruzin Machine CAD crafts custom biker parts fast - News
19/12/2008:Helicopter worker wins SW apprentice prize - News
19/12/2008:Walker delays CNC investment - News
19/12/2008:European SIMDAT project underpins automotive and aerospace grid computing - News
19/12/2008:HP launches data centre transformation workshops - News
22/12/2008:Babcock Marine buys $1.5 million worth of IFS Applications ERP - News
22/12/2008:Bolton Conductive sparks improvements with Infor ERP - News
22/12/2008:12 scams of Christmas the cyber criminal might send to you - News
22/12/2008:Batteries: dead but not to be buried - News
22/12/2008:Troubled Ransom issues delayed results - News
22/12/2008:Manufacturing failures increase but ‘some recovery’ expected - News
23/12/2008:First MCS IT Forum to tackle business intelligence - News
23/12/2008:New chief exec for ETB - News
23/12/2008:Eaton fluid drive software promises 50% fuel saving - News
24/12/2008:Raymarine extends bank credit - News
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