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01/10/2008:Bideawhile’s Diary - Bideawhile
01/10/2008:Output, orders and employment fall at record rates - News
01/10/2008:SIMS aims to get all computers instantly compatible - News
01/10/2008:Premier Manufacturing Support improves services with web-based management - News
01/10/2008:Komatsu builds global pricing controls into service business - News
01/10/2008:Skills Academy wins top training award - News
02/10/2008:BT Launches Inter-company TelePresence with BT Global Video Exchange - News
02/10/2008:Microsoft’s security development lifecycle is paying off, but others should watch out - News
02/10/2008:Virtualisation ahead of predictions, but failing to reach potential - News
03/10/2008:Shock new minister for manufacturing - News
03/10/2008:Integrated collaborative engineering and modelling software can save 30% - News
03/10/2008:Contradictions over cloud computing causing confusion for business - News
03/10/2008:Juicy performance and efficiency improvements flow from Oracle implementation - News
06/10/2008:Motor manufacturers urged to back dealers - News
06/10/2008:Wensum battens down the hatches - News
06/10/2008:Pressure not deflated by August shutdown - News
06/10/2008:Progress at Tube & Bracket hinged on merger - News
06/10/2008:Top 10 ways to spot an impending business IT Bottleneck - News
06/10/2008:Bombardier Transportation signs another deal with Infotech Enterprises - News
06/10/2008:Oracle’s cloud computing offer needs security strategy - News
06/10/2008:The number one reason for virtualisation remains consolidation - News
07/10/2008:White van man hits the buffers - News
07/10/2008:Rolls-Royce wins £96m RN contract - News
07/10/2008:Star progress for Northern - News
07/10/2008:Output falls for sixth consecutive month - News
07/10/2008:Black & Decker drills into collaborative engineering on PTC - News
07/10/2008:Cyber security initiative to address global critical infrastructures - News
07/10/2008:Fifth generation Joint Strike Fighter gets IFS MRO ERP support - News
08/10/2008:Manufacturers welcome 'bold action' on interest rates - News
08/10/2008:Infor ERP XA gets new features for mixed mode manufacturers - News
08/10/2008:BASF first to deploy process engineering suite with Microsoft application virtualisation - News
08/10/2008:First Cyber Security warns of poisoned DNS caching issue - News
08/10/2008:MSP opens new Glasgow manufacturing facility - News
08/10/2008:Green scooters grow and go to China - News
08/10/2008:Uniq heads for loss as shoppers turn to cheap food - News
09/10/2008:Fixed/mobile computer aimed at logistics users - News
09/10/2008:IBM to bail out HP security software users - News
09/10/2008:Oracle integrates JD Edwards World and Demantra demand management software - News
09/10/2008:Mandelson unveils new manufacturing minister - News
10/10/2008:Oracle buys Primavera Software for new look project management - News
10/10/2008:Anywhere, any time is cloud computing’s strength – and weakness - News
10/10/2008:Where art modelling and engineering embrace - Reference/Features
10/10/2008:Simulated improvement - Reference/Features
13/10/2008:Wagon warns on profits and asks for share trading suspension - News
13/10/2008:One size fits all comes to business intelligence under SAP - News
13/10/2008:Air Products’ Masternaut improves routing and worker safety - News
14/10/2008:Site sought for OEE trial - News
14/10/2008:Kids pack attack - News
14/10/2008:Manufacturing diploma deadline approaching - News
14/10/2008:GSS warns that WiFi security is no longer secure - News
14/10/2008:Symmetry Medical cuts out process problems with Epicor ERP - News
15/10/2008:How green is your energy, how black is your carbon? - Events
15/10/2008:Airbus challenges students to shape the world of aviation - News
15/10/2008:Cadbury cuts headcount - News
15/10/2008:Gartner releases top 10 technologies to watch for 2009 - News
15/10/2008:Manufacturing job count falls to another new low - News
15/10/2008:IBM opens cash offer for Ilog supply chain technologies - News
15/10/2008:Pictures paint a thousand words for engineers’ searches - News
16/10/2008:Going green pays for toymaker - News
16/10/2008:Britvic outperforms soft drinks market - News
16/10/2008:Make MyDay, says Infor, with new Web 2.0 user interface - News
16/10/2008:Digirad improves image with QAD customer relationship management - News
16/10/2008:GKN begins production at new Chinese facility - News
17/10/2008:DS Smith outlook ‘robust’ in the face of falling demand and rising prices - News
17/10/2008:Burcas grows precision tooling business on streamlined production system - News
17/10/2008:Computers fool people into believing they are human - News
17/10/2008:FCI connects better to the web with sterling e-commerce - News
17/10/2008:Manufacturers slow and cut pay rises - News
20/10/2008:Chocolate maker backs London Olympics - News
20/10/2008:Software as a service ERP goes large at Infor - News
20/10/2008:Wire manufacturer stretches to integrated ERP for growth - News
20/10/2008:Health & Safety week provides chance to review risks - News
21/10/2008:Pride & prejudice - Employment Law
21/10/2008:Fit for purpose - Reference/Features
21/10/2008:Climate for change - Reference/Features
21/10/2008:Time for answers - Reference/Features
21/10/2008:Square pegs in square holes - Reference/Features
21/10/2008:Surviving the financial hurricane - Reference/Features
21/10/2008:Manufacturing confidence slips to 28 year low - News
21/10/2008:Intelligent agents offer better computer protection - News
21/10/2008:Internet attacks increasingly driven by profit and crime - News
21/10/2008:SAP extends Business ByDesign and Business One solutions - News
22/10/2008:London taxi maker cuts production - News
22/10/2008:Seadrill upgrades and extends IFS Applications with new functionality - News
22/10/2008:CommerceMail service to provide new EDI for manufacturing SMEs - News
22/10/2008:APS software in growth mode, as Preactor passes 2,300 implementations - News
23/10/2008:Government takes axe to ‘confusing’ help schemes - News
23/10/2008:Catalyst Manufacturing says Microsoft will support double digit growth - News
23/10/2008:Demand-driven manufacturing gets software tools to make it real - News
23/10/2008:SAP invests in partner Crossgate to drive business networks - News
23/10/2008:1,000mph record attempt aims to inspire - News
24/10/2008:600 Group ‘mindful’ of economic impact - News
24/10/2008:‘Hammered’ manufacturing calls for interest rate cuts - News
24/10/2008:Westbury Control Systems to maximise sales on mobile CRM - News
24/10/2008:Levi Strauss ups the ante on supply chain compliance with Entropy - News
24/10/2008:IT is key to SMEs tackling tough times, says SEEDA - News
27/10/2008:O’Neill signs with Lawson for supply chain synchronisation - News
27/10/2008:People and culture still causing change project failures - News
27/10/2008:ERP LX majors on GAMP process improvements - News
27/10/2008:IBM launches next generation mainframe for midsize manufacturers - News
28/10/2008:Komatsu syncs supply chain with NYK Logistics and Manhattan Associates - News
28/10/2008:Unencrypted backup tapes leave gaping hole in data protection - News
29/10/2008:Dick Morley honoured on 40th anniversary of the PLC - News
29/10/2008:Microsoft unveils Windows Azure for cloud computing - News
29/10/2008:Smart client technology tops the bill on Ross’s latest ERP enhancement - News
30/10/2008:Ford makes £70m Welsh plant investment - News
30/10/2008:Manufacturers must do more to combat rising energy costs - News
30/10/2008:Engineering graduates ‘highly employable’ - News
30/10/2008:Sir Clive to help manufacturing leaders - News
30/10/2008:10 days, not 10 months, to business analytics that drive ERP and cash value - News
30/10/2008:Deloitte appoints new manufacturing leader amid industry’s ‘very serious challenges’ - News
30/10/2008:Real corporate data theft in action, revealed by Fnijan - News
30/10/2008:Proctor & Gamble to drive IT improvements with SAP partnership - News
31/10/2008:ClickSoftware enters reseller agreement with SAP - News
31/10/2008:Leigh Paints the town red with supply chain software - News
31/10/2008:Software as a service most likely to see take up from SMEs - News
31/10/2008:SAP results show downturn in manufacturing SMEs - News
31/10/2008:Nissan halves yearly profit forecast - News
31/10/2008:Latest quarter sees further hike in manufacturers’ energy costs - News
31/10/2008:Reckitt Benckiser defies slump - News
31/10/2008:GKN prepares ‘strong action’ to weather downturn - News
31/10/2008:Rolls-Royce “well positioned to deal with challenging economic conditions” - News
31/10/2008:University partnership ‘critical’ - News
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