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Articles within the archive for April 2007

01/04/2007:Bideawhile’s Diary - Bideawhile
02/04/2007:MAS boosts free consultation days for manufacturers - News
02/04/2007:Cobol users get new query and data management system - News
02/04/2007:Ritchey customers flock to integrated web ordering system - News
03/04/2007:Starlinger saves significant resources in machine design on CoCreate Model Manager - News
03/04/2007:Acquisition allows company to play even bigger role in ERP market - News
03/04/2007:Business frameworks to guide industries’ product development - News
03/04/2007:Real-time 3D helps to solve the mystery of the Great Pyramid of Kheops - News
04/04/2007:Complex supply chain scheduling made simple - Reference/Features
04/04/2007:Managing your change much better - Reference/Features
04/04/2007:XKO and CMS merge to form new ERP force - News
04/04/2007:Energy and compressed air Q&A - News
05/04/2007:A case for improvement - News
05/04/2007:Working Time Directive compliance eased in time - News
05/04/2007:Managed IT services growing, but need to be taken more seriously - News
10/04/2007:Listen up: noise, and dust surveys are important - News
10/04/2007:Eastern promise comes from Manchester ERP system - News
10/04/2007:Digital content management doubles in two years - News
10/04/2007:Manufacturers face huge disruption from plant security - News
11/04/2007:Fit for growth - Reference/Features
11/04/2007:Lean supply chain - Reference/Features
11/04/2007:More than T&A - Reference/Features
11/04/2007:Fasco speeds productivity by more than 50% - News
11/04/2007:Certex to lift performance on IFS Applications - News
11/04/2007:Half of SMEs not getting the most from their audit - News
12/04/2007:Discrimination becoming a key issue - News
12/04/2007:New boiler helps Dazed & Confused brew - Product Launches
12/04/2007:Saab Microwave to transform development on IFS software - News
12/04/2007:Amtico floors competition on document management solution - News
12/04/2007:Exploitation of Microsoft Universal Plug and Play flaw to hit by end of week - News
12/04/2007:Oracle Manufacturing Execution System set to improve shopfloor integration - News
12/04/2007:Schneider Electric joins ODVA, pushes Ethernet IP for plant - News
13/04/2007:Friday the 13th - a menace on the roads - News
13/04/2007:Reduce data centre hardware management costs by 75% - News
13/04/2007:Fastest electric car is designed 10 times faster on SolidWorks - News
13/04/2007:One stop shop for trade support - News
16/04/2007:Hannover Industry - Events
16/04/2007:Siemens’ UGS shows mettle in PLM functionality - News
16/04/2007:Co Create OneSpace Modelling struts its stuff - News
16/04/2007:New chair for EPSRC - News
17/04/2007:Energy for sport - News
17/04/2007:Molson Coors gets first Infor 64bit supply chain system - News
17/04/2007:Social workers - Reference/Features
17/04/2007:Click to link to zero hassle - Reference/Features
17/04/2007:Slick Proposition - Reference/Features
17/04/2007:Finding the middle ground - Reference/Features
17/04/2007:Pay Scale - Employment Law
18/04/2007:Ergonomic deliveries - Product Launches
18/04/2007:Unlocking business with cyber security - Reference/Features
18/04/2007:Going global with collaborative design - Reference/Features
18/04/2007:ING Renault F1 spreads engineering design using Seemage - News
18/04/2007:Infor gets Workbrain web workforce management - News
18/04/2007:Ciber to deliver SAP xApp manufacturing integration and intelligence - News
19/04/2007:Smart ideas could be money-spinners - News
19/04/2007:StreamServe partners with Adobe for next gen XFA publishing - News
19/04/2007:Oracle delivers supercharged Renaissance JDE World - News
20/04/2007:VMWare infrastructure gets steel protection - News
20/04/2007:Apriso promises totally synchronised design to production - News
20/04/2007:Short-term 'sickies' wipe out 21 million working days - News
23/04/2007:RFID – Rugged, Fast Integrated Delivery - Product Launches
23/04/2007:Making an Impact on slashing regulation burden - News
23/04/2007:Military Air Solutions selects UGS Teamcenter for new in service programme backbone - News
23/04/2007:IT spending still rising and SOA set for serious growth - News
24/04/2007:iDEA - The Innovation Conference 2007 - Events
24/04/2007:Business Performance & Project Management Summit - Events
24/04/2007:iDEA - The Innovation Conference 2007 - Events
24/04/2007:QAD launches Enterprise Applications 2007 for ultimate lean supply chain - News
24/04/2007:Nissan Motor extends UGS NX to include supply chain - News
24/04/2007:Sleepless nights drive down productivity - News
25/04/2007:Always on? - Reference/Features
25/04/2007:Mobile IT: for real - Reference/Features
25/04/2007:Ukfirst leans towards excellence - News
25/04/2007:Lawson/Intentia reveal achievements on first birthday - News
25/04/2007:CA improves IT service with integrated QM suite - News
25/04/2007:Oracle and Acxiom to develop consumer master data management system - News
26/04/2007:Northgate and LogicaCMG deliver new Welsh Water GIS - News
26/04/2007:Crown on top - News
26/04/2007:Oracle buys Lodestar for specialist utilities software - News
27/04/2007:Enginuity training hub introduced - News
27/04/2007:SAP and Microsoft seamless Duet gets development road map - News
30/04/2007:HSE creates unnecessary red tape blasts FPB - News
30/04/2007:Heerema Fabrication pilots IFS for global implementation - News
30/04/2007:Adage renewed for process manufacturers - News
30/04/2007:Astute Electronics set for more growth on Syspro ERP - News
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