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Articles within the archive for December 2006

01/12/2006:Environmental Report - Reference/Features
01/12/2006:The bottom line - Employment Law
01/12/2006:Microsoft Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 hit ground running - News
01/12/2006:Lawson-Intentia value-based deals and rapid implementation catch on - News
01/12/2006:Metallistation surfaces economies with configurator technology - News
04/12/2006:Data hub gets global bearings group rolling - Reference/Features
04/12/2006:Horses for courses in today’s race for storage - Reference/Features
04/12/2006:Whirlpool takes integrated engineering simulation to new levels - News
04/12/2006:Piolax secures future with ERP and mobile applications support - News
05/12/2006:Ping swings into better action with digital product development environment - News
06/12/2006:Planit group back in private hands - News
06/12/2006:Vero buys Camtek production CAM business - News
06/12/2006:Fujitsu Siemens Computers and EMC deliver building blocks for SAP Enterprise SOA - News
07/12/2006:Zollern goes for Solid Edge for transmission components design - News
07/12/2006:DSM Nutritional Products cuts purchasing costs through classification - News
07/12/2006:Wrights Pies orders end-to-end supply chain system - News
08/12/2006:Sony’s woes point up need for MES and traceability in complex manufacturing - News
08/12/2006:GTS Flexible Materials Phase One ERP delivers on stock management - News
08/12/2006:Sonar & Communications Systems to shave up to 50% off product development - News
11/12/2006:IT keys to mouth watering benefits - Reference/Features
11/12/2006:Microsoft and McLaren Electronic Systems seal contract for engine controllers for world Formula One from 2008 - News
11/12/2006:Real time import/export issues monitor averts supply chain problems - News
11/12/2006:Production management system uptake to grow as EU directives bite - News
12/12/2006:Boeing completes first ever full digital manufacturing simulation roll-out on Dreamliner - News
13/12/2006:Velsicol Chemical to transform operations on company-wide business intelligence - News
13/12/2006:TomorrowNow claims 87 heads in first two years - News
14/12/2006:Citrix and Cisco launch ‘click to call’ from remote client applications - News
15/12/2006:RFID fails market predictions, and will fail again in 2007 - News
18/12/2006:What can go wrong when you give IT the large - Reference/Features
18/12/2006:Bundled PLM appliance set to spread collaborative engineering benefits - News
18/12/2006:International Timber logs all stock on RF barcode system - News
19/12/2006:Hall’s carpet competition with integrated system - News
19/12/2006:PTC and Autodesk to collaborate on technology exchange - News
19/12/2006:Donate your spare computers and get WEEE-compliance thrown in - News
20/12/2006:Not just flavour of the month - Reference/Features
20/12/2006:Attending to the bigger issues - Reference/Features
20/12/2006:Digital vaulting booms as Cyber-Ark signs Vistorm - News
20/12/2006:Business critical data storage needs better back-up - News
21/12/2006:Infor delivers new version of Datastream asset management for SMEs - News
21/12/2006:Elutions takes asset management to new levels - News
21/12/2006:SMEs offered ‘my very first SAN’ data storage - News
21/12/2006:Manufacturers need to reconsider the power of real-time production metrics - News
22/12/2006:Butler group predicts IT issues for 2007 - News
22/12/2006:Data quality policing takes on bigger business significance - News
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