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Articles within the archive for September 2003

02/09/2003:Priority bookings for ‘need to know’ CIM seminars - News
03/09/2003:Military vehicle maker ramps up on configurator - News
04/09/2003:Pressure relief from ERP system - News
05/09/2003:BASF standardises SAP across 54 sites, increases efficiency and cuts costs - News
09/09/2003:Chloride to power supply chain efficiencies - News
09/09/2003:Concepts speeded by power to change - News
10/09/2003:PeopleSoft acquires JD Edwards; Oracle still pursuing - News
11/09/2003:Intelligent agents will take manufacturing control - News
12/09/2003:Integrated true engineer-to-order system set for great things at pharma machine maker - News
15/09/2003:Hi-Tech Mouldings saves on ERP seminars - News
16/09/2003:Lean thinking still worryingly blilnkered - News
17/09/2003:ERP firm and consultant form ‘lean’ alliance - News
18/09/2003:Document management saves £30,000 per site - News
18/09/2003:Siemens in £5 million simulation deal - News
18/09/2003:Syntegra offers 30 day anti- spam trial - News
19/09/2003:AutoCAD 2004 boosts user productivity by 35% - News
19/09/2003:Sensing success on a stunning lean journey - Reference/Features
22/09/2003:Dell launches managed services - News
23/09/2003:One size ERP does not fit all - News
24/09/2003:Supply chain switches on with advanced planning - News
25/09/2003:Exploiting modern CAD is transformational - News
26/09/2003:Re-branded SSA promises huge footprint in manufacturing mid market - News
26/09/2003:MAN B&W goes for SAP packaged add-ons - News
29/09/2003:Sundora feeds machine with fast information - News
30/09/2003:Healthy improvements from ERP/APS combo - News