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Articles within the archive for July 2002

01/07/2002:Next generation workforce mobility IT due soon - News
02/07/2002:Sun services bring savings to Jaguar and Land Rover merging IT - News
02/07/2002:Global zip maker builds portal on Linux Infrastructure - News
03/07/2002:Handle your IT outsourcing with care, warns Gartner - News
03/07/2002:Tyre data monitoring firm cuts 40% materials by simulation - News
04/07/2002:Manufacturing IT: budgets unchanged, focus on cost savings - News
04/07/2002:Lycoming Flies High With Comergent-Powered Sell-Side E-Business Solution - News
05/07/2002:Making more than the connection - Reference/Features
05/07/2002:Gambling on your IT future? - Reference/Features
05/07/2002:One size does not fit all - Reference/Features
05/07/2002:Seeing is believing - Reference/Features
05/07/2002:Managing your products from cradle to grave - Reference/Features
05/07/2002:Better routes to delivering value? - Reference/Features
05/07/2002:Window on the future - Reference/Features
05/07/2002:Your chance to make a real difference - Reference/Features
05/07/2002:ERP seminars in September from big small four - News
05/07/2002:e-procurement usage correlates directly with big business best performers - News
08/07/2002:New, lower-cost VPN service for European corporates - News
08/07/2002:Six-month payback and 14% headcount reduction from T&A software - News
08/07/2002:Covisint automotive supply chain portal in trouble - News
08/07/2002:Global manufacturers welcome collaborative lean software - News
09/07/2002:Prepare for portal power yet to come - News
10/07/2002:Supplier collaboration top priority for large manufacturing firms - News
10/07/2002:ERP expansion projects must be collaborative - News
10/07/2002:ATI links repair operations into the extended supply chain - News
11/07/2002:e-Sourcing project saves brake manufacturer 25% - News
12/07/2002:Microsoft now proud owner of Navision ERP - News
12/07/2002:How to cut paper costs and speed up business transactions - News
12/07/2002:Know your new infrastructure, and who’s responsible - News
16/07/2002:TT to roll out global 500-user collaboration system - News
17/07/2002:i2 to lay off 30% of staff due to software slump - News
18/07/2002:SAP license revenues down this quarter - News
22/07/2002:Lawn mower manufacturer ups efficiency by 40% - News
26/07/2002:Journey into life management - Reference/Features
26/07/2002:Most manufacturers still don’t know impact of IT on their businesses - News
29/07/2002:Mainstream collaborative commerce still some way off - News
30/07/2002:MBA expects to cut time to market and costs by 30% - News
30/07/2002:Supply chain management maturing for the middle manufacturing ground? - News
30/07/2002:Airbus streamlines systems from design to manufacturing - News