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Articles within the archive for February 2002

01/02/2002:Jaguar opts for scan-care - News
01/02/2002:Hewlett-Packard and Prestige partner with JD Edwards to offer totally managed, flexible ERP II services in manufacturing - News
01/02/2002:Aggreko to create £3.5m global network - News
04/02/2002:New £250 PDM system - News
04/02/2002:Nissan expects to cut lead times by a third with simulation tools - News
04/02/2002:HP to manage expanded PeopleSoft eCentre ASP offering - News
05/02/2002:Handling down 60% at GM - News
05/02/2002:UK manufacturing SMEs failing on e-commerce? - News
06/02/2002:25% time savings at Lotus - News
06/02/2002:New, low-cost solid modelling tool for manufacturing engineers - News
06/02/2002:FSL gets new ERP in 12 weeks - News
07/02/2002:Hallite sealing ERP implementation with Exel - News
07/02/2002:Product classification solved? - News
07/02/2002:IBM and IBS join forces - News
08/02/2002:JD Edwards ramps up its enterprise asset management game - News
08/02/2002:Rose Bearings to cut lead times with Mapics’ supply chain system - News
11/02/2002:Autodesk launches subscription programme for Europe - News
12/02/2002:Strachan & Henshaw to implement £675,000 Frontstep ERP - News
14/02/2002:Moorland secures new orders after CAD/CAM hardware upgrade - News
21/02/2002:All aboard the technology train - News
22/02/2002:Baan is fit and well… and staying with Invensys - News
22/02/2002:Manufacturers increase web portal uptake for collaborative working and streamlining supply chains - News
22/02/2002:Information Engineering lands $1 million US deal for Impact Encore APS - News
25/02/2002:Babcock BES gets IFS ERP for warship refitting - News
26/02/2002:Full visibility, better workflow and more efficient warehousing for £80k - Reference/Features
26/02/2002:Batch to benefit big time - Reference/Features
26/02/2002:Time to attend to T&A - Reference/Features
26/02/2002:Building better business processes? - Reference/Features
26/02/2002:Design for manufacture - Reference/Features
26/02/2002:Perkins' engine configurator pays back in 15 months - Reference/Features
26/02/2002:Smart 'BOM' your factory - Reference/Features
26/02/2002:Web trading hubs: how far can the 'e' world go? - Reference/Features
26/02/2002:McClaren F1, driven by IT - Reference/Features
26/02/2002:Supply chains: oversimplify them at your peril - Reference/Features
27/02/2002:IBM and Dassault announce new Catia release - News
27/02/2002:IBM and Enigma join forces for aftermarket - News