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Articles within the archive for July 2001

02/07/2001:Simulator proves DTI’s Airbus advanced automated wing production manufacturing method - News
02/07/2001:SAP and Baan to go hand in hand on portal development - News
03/07/2001:Big vendors miss the mid-market point, at least on CRM - News
03/07/2001:Silvon partners with Notability - News
04/07/2001:Volvo signs contract for $1million in IFS upgrades - News
04/07/2001:Manugistics and Centric promise manufacturers faster design cycles, reduced costs and slashed obsolete inventory - News
04/07/2001:Get the most from your assets: be proactive - Reference/Features
04/07/2001:Why 'collaborator' is still a dirty word - Reference/Features
04/07/2001:Process and IT to come together? - Reference/Features
06/07/2001:Pies company on the move to Tropos - News
06/07/2001:Poor e-procurement costing British manufacturing companies their competitive edge? - News
06/07/2001:New Parasolid version pushes the boundaries of design information sharing even further - News
09/07/2001:Commerce One follows Ariba into harder times on e-procurement - News
09/07/2001:Picking your way to e-success - Reference/Features
09/07/2001:Oracle introduces - News
09/07/2001:E-revolution: the role-based, anything, anywhere browser world - Reference/Features
09/07/2001:e-CRM: knowing who your profitable customers are - Reference/Features
09/07/2001:It's not just technology, 'e' is about changing the way engineers and designers interact - Reference/Features
09/07/2001:Blowing the roof off your factory - Reference/Features
09/07/2001:Cott Beverages gets supply chain singing with web-based fulfilment - Reference/Features
09/07/2001:Working together for better forecasting and planning - Reference/Features
09/07/2001:Going private on web exchanges - Reference/Features
09/07/2001:Stand up and be counted - Reference/Features
09/07/2001:Making sense of e-business in manufacturing - Reference/Features
09/07/2001:Schneider Electric invests $1 million in concurrent engineering software - News
10/07/2001:Acta software helps Maxtor leverage ERP data to give it a real-time view of its global business - News
11/07/2001:McGuffie Brunton sees upturn as acquired integrated apps start to pay off - News
11/07/2001:On-line transactions grow by 675% in 12 months on Endorsia’s e-marketplace - News
12/07/2001:Tecnomatix wins $3.5 million order from EADS Airbus - News
17/07/2001:Manufacturers to make least from e-procurement, but still worth having, says Oracle and the Institute of Purchasing and Supply - News
19/07/2001:Manugistics launches end-to-end manufacturing planning and scheduling suite - News
19/07/2001:AremisSoft to tell all in September - News
19/07/2001:Computers in Manufacturing to cover whole IT ground - News
20/07/2001:Boeing and Ford pick Plumtree intranet portals for world-wide employee coverage - News
20/07/2001:PTC offers free collaboration to 30,000 Pro/Engineer users - News
20/07/2001:Invensys Software Systems reorganises for sensor to boardroom – but not with Baan - News
20/07/2001:JD Edwards to provide e-business software on Itanium Compaq Proliant - News
23/07/2001:Hi-Lex Cable Systems goes for Invensys Baan implementation - News
23/07/2001:McGuffie Brunton claims £450,000 worth of business from last year’s CIM Show - News
23/07/2001:Supply chain event management a good bet for Viewlocity and its users - News
23/07/2001:Affordable business intelligence for SMEs? - News
23/07/2001:HP and UGS join forces to sell product development collaboration software, hardware and services - News
23/07/2001:UGS says PLM and web collaboration software are key to its five-year target of 40 million seats worldwide - News
26/07/2001:IFS reports continued massive growth and back to positive earnings through serious contracts - News
27/07/2001:Dell increases lead with world-wide demand-driven manufacturing - News
27/07/2001:GlaxoSmithKline selects Armagard as approved supplier of PC enclosures - News
30/07/2001:Honeywell launches new version of Profit Suite - News
30/07/2001:Code Red work poses “very real and present threat to the Internet” on July 31 - News
31/07/2001:Socomec pays several million francs for portal and e-CRM software - News
31/07/2001:Combination ASP and own system arrives from Made2Manage - News
31/07/2001:RFID to transform manufacturing processes, says Omron - News
31/07/2001:Tea industry cuts sourcing times from 40 to 15 days with on-line web trading software - News
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