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Articles within the archive for May 2001

10/05/2001:Doing it the ASP way - Reference/Features
22/05/2001:NSK rolls out web test software and gets 12-month payback - Reference/Features
22/05/2001:ERP is dead: long live ERP - Reference/Features
22/05/2001:Old meets new as cloth maker weaves specialised ERP - Reference/Features
22/05/2001:Thales integrates quality and manufacturing: halves repair lead times - Reference/Features
22/05/2001:2D or 3D? - Reference/Features
22/05/2001:A better way to IT? Applications on tap - Reference/Features
22/05/2001:Caterpillar supply chain system continues building on success - Reference/Features
22/05/2001:getting responsive on dynamic alerts - Reference/Features
22/05/2001:Cummins propels itself into the 'e' world - Reference/Features
22/05/2001:Vertical service providers: a serious new offering - Reference/Features
22/05/2001:Better production from T&A integration? - Reference/Features
24/05/2001:E-business forum: making sense of e-manufacturing Part 2 - Reference/Features