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Articles within the archive for December 2001

03/12/2001:Advanced plant control software moving on up - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Being intelligent about your business? - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:The CIM 2001 Show Honours - News
03/12/2001:Class 'A', not just IT, transforms ailing chemical company - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:e-business: the route to agile manufacturing - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Spare a thought for spares e-procurement - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Flexible ERP at a third of the cost - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Getting it all together - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Manufacturing for an audience of one - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Oracle is the tip of an intelligent iceberg - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Production data now comes in showers - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Avoid best practice? - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Strategy and detail: getting your 'e' right - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Put your people first, last and always - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Safe and sound? - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Detecting the jewel in the crown? - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:A fresh view of the world - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:Unlocking the hidden factory - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:e-sophistication or e-scepticism? - Reference/Features
03/12/2001:SAP hosting set to increase in UK - News
03/12/2001:Emerson Process Management begins a £5 million pharmaceuticals project - News
06/12/2001:Microsoft points way to collaborative manufacturing in 2002 - News
06/12/2001:Complex pricing problems solved - News
07/12/2001:Collaborative supply chain systems 200% more difficult, but set to increase - News
07/12/2001:Classification and content management systems vital for manufacturing’s ‘e’ future - News
10/12/2001:Scotch whisky producer goes for Tropos multi-dimensional ERP - News
10/12/2001:Vinten Broadcast focuses in on IFS ERP - News
10/12/2001:De Beers selects JD Edwards for APS - News
10/12/2001:Toyota forges ahead - News
11/12/2001:BPCS gets CRM following SSA GT deal with Applix - News
11/12/2001:Panasonic UK goes live with i2 - News
11/12/2001:More bang for your factory IT buck to come from plant intelligence - News
14/12/2001:Big brand manufacturers get sell side e-business from Blue Martini - News
14/12/2001:Importance of ‘e-manufacturing’ rising sharply, says Benchmark Research - News
17/12/2001:Applications engineers set to benefit from new PTC software - News
18/12/2001:RTDCS and SSA Global Technologies partner for data collection - News
18/12/2001:Pilkington looks sharp with FreeMarkets e-sourcing extension - News
19/12/2001:IBM and Dassault Systemes expand portfolio with SmarTeam e-Supply Chain applications - News
19/12/2001:JD Edwards reports better 2001 and outlook - News
20/12/2001:SevenMountains and SafeStone sign OEM agreement - News
20/12/2001:Kewill and Cimmetry partner for SME engineer to order - News
21/12/2001:Selligent raises 6 million euros in third round of funding - News
21/12/2001:MSC Group selects Catia v5 to enhance technology offering - News
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