Circulation -

The WM circulation, which is fully ABC audited every year, is taken from the Findlay Media Mastersource database. This database has universal coverage of all significant UK manufacturing sites and is continuously updated by a specialist data research team. WM has a circulation of 16,280 copies every issue (ABC 2012). WM has the highest audited circulation of any UK monthly specifically targeting senior manufacturing management.

ABC terms of control:

“Directors, Managers, Engineers and other individuals who directly control or perform factory management and/or other factory service functions in specified manufacturing concerns and offices.” (ABC 2010)
See Current ABC Audit Certificate

If a magazine doesn’t have a current or high quality circulation audit, then your marketing money can be wasted. If the publisher can’t prove who the title is going to, how can you be confident you message is reaching the right audience? We know who our readers are. Put simply, WM is THE publication for senior executives in UK manufacturing and the companies trying to reach them.