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Breakthrough motor cures reliability challenges ...

A company producing extruded PVC-U profiles for double glazing product applications is using ABB's synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motor to cut the number of motor failures on two of its main extruders. The SynRM replaced ageing servo ...

Drives’ built-in safety functions give machine ...

A range of built-in safety features for variable-speed drives (VSDs) that make it easier to achieve safe operation of processes and protect maintenance staff working on motor driven machinery is introduced by ABB.

PLC support helps pump OEM create ...

The easy configurability of ABB's AC500 PLC range is helping the specialist pump OEM, Plad Equipment, to rapidly produce application-specific pump systems for boosting water pressure in high-rise buildings.

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ABB’s traction generators for diesel-electric ...

As the rail freight transportation is growing, ABB expands its new compact, high performance generators to cover powers from 1 to over 3MW with efficiencies up to 96,9%. ABB's robust traction generator family presents a unique rotor design ...

A different perspective on improving productivity ...

Improving productivity and saving energy typically go hand-in-hand. ABB automation products offer you great solutions to help you do this. This short one minute video gives a slightly different perspective of what this can look like.

ABB Drives customer care

Productivity, cost control and focusing on your core activity are critical success factors in today's challenging business environment. See 10 years of productivity in one minute, allow your business to prosper.

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Harmonics – the unwanted ingredient in your supply

Harmonics in the electricity supply is a source of problems, such as overheating equipment, at many sites in the water industry, particularly in rural locations where networks are weak. Harmonics are electric waveforms of the wrong ...

The energy crisis and where to start

With continued uncertainty surrounding energy prices and increasing demand for resources globally, manufacturers are under huge pressure to reduce energy usage or face the consequences of spiraling costs. Neil Ritchie, Manager for Low ...

Technical guide No. 3

EMC compliant installation and configuration for a power drive system.

Technical guide No. 4

Guide to variable speed drives.

Technical guide No. 5

Bearing currents in modern AC drive systems


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ABB’s DriveSave offers large consumers guaranteed ...

A risk and reward scheme for large energy consumers is launched that identifies and guarantees energy saving from multiple motor-driven applications across a site.

Ricoh saves £100,000 annually with plant wide ...

ABB variable-speed drives (VSDs) are saving office equipment manufacturer Ricoh over £100,000 per annum on energy costs at its production plant in Telford.

ABB drives show how much energy they are saving

Users of ABB industrial drives and ABB standard drives can now see exactly how much energy they are saving with a new application that displays the information on the drive's screen.

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Top 10 pitfalls in dimensioning AC drives

Most electrical engineers feel confident that they can quickly assess a particular application and choose a drive to suit. There are, however, a number of pitfalls in dimensioning drives, and the same errors seem to be made again and again.

Cost of Energy - a better metric for pumps and ...

For pumps and fans, cost of energy is a more useful measurement than the more traditional efficiency measures such as best efficiency flow.

Beating the energy crisis

With continued uncertainty surrounding energy prices and increasing demand for resources globally, manufacturers are under huge pressure to reduce energy usage or face the consequences of spiraling costs. John Guthrie, Energy Manager for ...


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ABB updates its popular low voltage electric ...

ABB has published an updated version of it 128 pages Motor Guide; the most requested electric motor publication from the company in the UK during the past decade.

Certified NEMA motor modifications now available ...

Modifications to NEMA motors certified to CSA standards can now be undertaken by ABB at its European logistics centre in Germany for distribution across Europe.

ABB upgrades its NEMA range to Process ...

ABB Process Performance motors are now available with NEMA standards.

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Low voltage motors for explosive atmospheres

In this video we will be highlighting the most important values and features of our low voltage motors for explosive atmospheres. In this first part of the series of videos we are showcasing the importance of safety.

ELN - Motoring your way to energy savings

Vicky Ellis finds out how efficient motors could be the key to saving on commercial energy bills.

ELN - Are you ready for new EU electronics ...

ELN reporter Vicky Ellis talks electric drives and IE3 with industry expert Daniel Fitzsimons.

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Manage your motors for maximum uptime

Few motors work harder than those in process industries. Yet, many companies are failing to take adequate care of one of their greatest assets, failing to save as much money as they could while risking their reputations and customer ...

Motor efficiency rating reflects motor performance

The introduction of MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard) has re-focused attention on the energy use of electric motors, but the age-old habit of over specifying motors still persists.

Overall efficiency is more important than motor ...

When the new efficiency classes for motors – IE2, IE3, etc – were introduced, the intention was to make motor selection easier for the user, and also to make it easy to check that a manufacturer was meeting his obligations.

IEC 60034-30 standard on efficiency classes for ...

The International Electrotechnical Commission has introduced a new standards relating to energy efficient motors.

EU MEPS for low voltage electric motors

EU MEPS (European Minimum Energy Performance Standard) sets mandatory minimum efficiency levels for electric motors introduced into the European market.


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BDNT cooperates with ABB to roll out world’s ...

Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd. chooses ABB to supply direct current (DC) fast chargers for rapid charging of new DENZA electric vehicle over the next six years.

ABB show Councils the first UK rapid charge using ...

ABB's Terra 53 is the industry's first combined charging system (CCS, also known as Combo 2) European rapid DC charging standard compatible with the soon-to-launch Volkswagen e-up! and BMW i3.

ABB to supply fast chargers for electric vehicles ...

CLEVER's country-wide network of DC fast chargers will be expanded to 100 Danish locations covering a range of prime petrol stations and shopping malls.

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ABB fast charges the new BMW i3 at the ...

BMW premiered its new i3 electric car at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt recently. ABB helped to keep the i3s charged throughout the event with its innovative Terra 53 fast charging stations.

How Ricoh put colour into energy efficiency

Explore how ABB variable-speed drives have helped Ricoh save thousands each year on their energy bills. Find out if it can do the same for you…

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Protecting UK’s renewable energy infrastructure

The integration of renewables, and in particular wind, continues to be a major focus for ABB here in the UK, as Graham Barlow, General Manager for ABB's power conversion business, explains.

Wind turbine generators

Reliable technology for all turbine applications.

Technical note - Wind power generators

One platform for all high speed solutions.

Sustainable solar power

High efficiency solutions for solar energy applications.

Wind turbine generators

New high speed PMG series for 1.5 – 3.6 MW full converter concept.


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The Bearing Compass from ABB makes swap-out easy

A rotating measurement finder developed by ABB, dubbed the Bearing Compass, makes the identification of housed bearings straight forward.

Recycling company gains 50 percent in up-time ...

A tyre recycling plant has increased its production up-time by 50 percent after installing ABB Dodge Grip Tight adapter ball bearings on its classifier.

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How to re-lubricate ABB Dodge Grip Tight® Bearings

The ABB Dodge Grip Tight® adapter ball bearings are a unique adapter sleeve design bearing that are easy to fit to the shaft and remove without the need for heating or specialist tools. This video is the re-lubrication procedure for the ...

How to install ABB Dodge Grip Tight® Bearings

The ABB Dodge Grip Tight® adapter ball bearings are a unique adapter sleeve design bearing that are easy to fit to the shaft and remove without the need for heating or specialist tools. This video shows you the installation steps required ...

About ABB Dodge Grip Tight® Bearings

The ABB Dodge Grip Tight adapter ball bearings are a unique adapter sleeve design bearing that are easy to fit to the shaft and remove without the need for heating or specialist tools. This video introduces you to the Grip Tight bearing ...

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Recycling: A demanding environment for your ...

Whether you are a recycler of glass, metal, tyres, paper, electrical equipment or building material or operate bailers, classifiers, driers, compactors, crushers, shredders or shears; one thing is for certain that machine bearings are ...


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ABB robots help die-casting company speed up ...

Wagner AG foundry have lowered production costs and increased output by integrating a Bühler die-casting cell with an ABB IRB 6600 industrial robot.

Robots help badge-maker enjoy automatic success ...

Characteristix Limited, a UK-based maker of custom moulded plastic novelties, continues to maintain an improved manufacturing performance of 100 per cent since moving to an automated production process.

New ABB automation appraisal shows UK ...

ABB creates a free, no-obligation automation appraisal to help encourage greater take-up of robotic automation by UK manufacturers.

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Superior Motion Control by ABB Robotics

Superior motion control is the hallmark of all ABB industrial robots.

ABB Robotics – 10 most popular applications for ...

Every year the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) issues statistics on the top applications for industrial robots. This movie features examples from the top 10 - including Arc Welding, Spot Welding, Materials Handling, Machine ...

10 good reasons to invest in robotics

ABB's 10 good reasons to invest in robotics.

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Farame Case Study

Keeping ahead of the global competition in the metalworking industry means developing innovative products and lean manufacturing processes. ABB robot systems have helped Portuguese manufacturer Farame rise to both challenges.

Automation Appraisal - Just 5 minutes of your ...

Could you improve your levels of productivity or efficiency by introducing robot-based automation? Give us 5 minutes and we'll show you how you can benefit from robot-based automation.

Automation Appraisal brochure

A new automation appraisal has been launched by ABB to help companies find out whether they could benefit from introducing robotic automation.Find out more about the Automation Appraisal in this brochure.

Application of Automation in UK Manufacturing

ABB's robotics business has joined several leading names in industrial automation in a bid to further understand the buying behaviours and barriers to investment in automation in the UK.

Motor Units Application Equipment

ABB is offering well-proven and pre-engineered motor unit packages that are more cost efficient and much easier to integrate with robots and robot controllers.